These 4 Jewelry Pieces Sparkle Without Breaking the Bank (Melinda Maria Jewelry Review)

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Melinda Maria made a name for herself designing jewelry worn by celebrities like the Kardashians, Michelle Obama, and Taylor Swift. She founded her namesake brand in 2010 and has since seen it become one of the most sought-after jewelry lines on the market.

Melinda Maria Jewelry Review

From celebrity red carpets to everyday fashionistas, Melinda Maria’s designs are beloved for their timeless elegance and subtle glamour.

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching statement necklace or a subtle pair of earrings for everyday use, Melinda Maria Jewelry offers something for everyone. Read on to find out our favorite pieces from this jewelry line!

What’s our absolute favorite piece from Melinda Maria?
Spoiler: It’s the Monarch Round Cut Necklace. Why? This dainty, feminine necklace is incredibly versatile and mesmerizes with a powerful sparkle.

Our 4 Favorite Picks from Melinda Maria

Melinda Maria’s collection features an array of items perfect for every occasion. Here are some of our top picks:

The Queen’s Necklace 18″

The Queen's Necklace 18" - Melinda Maria Jewelry Review

Are you ready to feel like royalty? Introducing the Queen’s Necklace – a simple and classic piece that instantly gives you a regal vibe. With an asher cut White CZ stone and either 18k gold plated or silver plated finish, this 18-inch necklace will be the next staple in your jewelry collection!

We love the elegant, but contemporary design of this necklace. You can wear it alone or double-layer it for a more dramatic look. Either way, it adds effortless chic to your outfit and makes you feel like a true queen. It’s no wonder why we’re obsessed with this stunning addition to our jewelry box!

If you want to add sophistication as well as some sparkle to your wardrobe, then look no further than the Queen’s Necklace. Make a statement while keeping things classy with this beautiful piece – perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Step up your game and treat yourself like the glamorous queen you are.

The Monarch Round Cut Necklace

Monarch Round Cut Necklace - Melinda Maria Jewelry Review

Welcome to the royal court! Introducing the Monarch Round Cut Necklace, the ultimate accessory for a queen-level look. This piece of jewelry is designed to make every day feel special, with its 15” chain and 3” extender made out of either 18k gold plated over brass or silver plated over brass.

The stone is a stunning 9mm round white CZ for extra elegance. Additionally, the lobster clasp ensures that your necklace will stay in place all day, creating a timeless and effortless statement when you walk into the room.

For easy styling, this necklace layers nicely with other pieces of jewelry while adding sophistication. Or wear it simply on its own to give yourself an instant boost of confidence as you flaunt your regal style. With this necklace, you’re guaranteed to feel like royalty every day!

Heiress Bracelet

Heiress Bracelet - Melinda Maria Jewelry Review

The Heiress Bracelet is a beautiful piece of stunning elegance that is perfect for layering for a chic and regal look. Its 7-inch length perfectly accentuates any wrist, complete with 18k gold plated over brass or silver plated over brass.

The Heiress bracelet also features a 2.5mm round white stone CZ, providing you with the sophisticated look to complete any wardrobe. Every time you put this bracelet on you’ll feel like royalty!

Besides looking gorgeous, the Heiress bracelet is also incredibly easy to latch on and off so that you can make sure it is comfortable always. Whether you’re attending an important event or simply out on the town, the Heiress Bracelet will always ensure your confidence and give you an uplifting feeling! We guarantee that this bracelet will have you feeling like a true heiress in no time.

Herringbone Chain 15″

Herringbone Necklace - Melinda Maria Jewelry Review

Radiant and unique, the Herringbone Chain 15″ is perfect for any fashion-forward individual. This stylish piece will have you turning heads and making your statement, day or night.

The necklace features a 15-inch link in both 18k Gold Plated Over Brass or Silver Plated Over Brass, depending on your personal preference. Together with a 3-inch extender and 5mm width, the piece pops out with its eye-catching herringbone pattern.

Plus, it’s easy to put on thanks to the lobster clasp closure at the back. Showcase your sense of individual style with this gorgeous addition to your wardrobe!

Melinda Maria Jewelry FAQs

What is Melinda Maria Jewelry Made of?

Melinda Maria Jewelry is made of either 18k Gold Plated Over Brass or Silver Plated Over Brass.

Where is Melinda Maria Jewelry Based?

Melinda Maria Jewelry is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Does Melinda Maria Jewelry Have a Return Policy?

Yes! Return unused jewelry within 7 days of delivery for free. Please refer to the website for additional details.

Does Melinda Maria Jewelry Tarnish?

As does all gold-plated jewelry, Melinda Maria Jewelry will eventually tarnish when exposed to air, moisture, and other environmental factors.

This process can be slowed by limiting exposure to water and removing jewelry prior to swimming or sweating from exercise.

Is Melinda Maria Jewelry Real Gold?

Yes! Melinda Maria Jewelry is plated with real gold.

Final Thoughts

The Melinda Maria collection is sure to bring out the royal vibes in you! Whether it’s an ultra-glamorous piece like The Queen’s Necklace or something more office-friendly, like the Herringbone Chain 15″, this line will have you feeling and looking your best.

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