9 Life-Changing Ways to Organize Your Purse Now

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Let’s be honest here, at one point or another we find ourselves needing to cut down on purse space. We think that the most convenient way to go about having a bag that we take everywhere is to stuff it with as many things as possible but this is totally not true! While at first it may seem like having things on hand will reduce stress, it doesn’t. It is heavy to have a bunch of stuff in your purse that, when you think about it, you actually don’t need.

Now it’s time for a little story; I’ll be a little open here, when I was in middle school and started using a purse, I wanted to put absolutely everything in it. I even at one point put a stapler in my purse! So let’s review some brilliant ways to cut down on space and and how to most effectively store the items you really should keep with you.

Multi-Purpose Makeup Products

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While there are those that swear by having a one purpose product for each little thing, there are some fantastic products out there that take care of multiple problems. These days you can find BB creams which moisturize, provide SPF, and give you medium coverage so you don’t need a ton of tubes and jars. Also if you are a lover of lipstick and lip gloss, there are some truly gorgeous and heavily pigmented lip glosses and lip stains (for those who like lipstick) so you can keep your purse arsenals to a minimum.

Toss Extra Key Chains/Keys

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Many of us find ourselves at one point or another with tons of store loyalty cards which we don’t even use hanging around our key chains or even the keys from our previous apartment which we forgot to return. These things are garbage as they serve no purpose! It can make you feel guilty for throwing them away but it’s better to get rid of dead weight and if we aren’t using it then it is being wasted anyway.

As for the bulky key chains, if you can do it, toss those as well. I have had all kinds of weird things from Lego figures to a burping hamburger on my key ring. While they were funny conversation starters, they were nothing more than that and kind of inconvenient.

Loyalty Cards/Extra Cards

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So you know those loyalty card minis you just got rid of? We all know that there is a larger version of it hanging out in your wallet. You guessed it… toss! Also, some advice if you have a lot of credit cards is to get an app that stores all that information for you. Now you are ready to downsize even more with the next tip coming up.

Small Wallet

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Wallets come in all shapes and sizes and thank goodness for that, because we aren’t stuck with only cute bulky wallets. Since at this point you have gotten rid of your extra loyalty cards, you have less stuff that you have to accommodate.

Organizing Insert

Okay, so these things are super cool and versatile. What these inserts so is they provide clean compartments within your bag so that everything goes where it needs to. Best part is they are easy to clean so you don’t need to worry about those nasty crumbs at the bottom of your purse (yes, we all get them)! They can start out really small and expand at your convenience to fit your purse and you can always take it out and store it in your car. You can even get two and use one for different occasions like camping, everyday, and one to just stay in the car. It is super easy to get a highly rated insert for less than $10 and make your life so much easier!

One Pen/One Pencil

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This is something that seems simple enough but can be difficult for a lot of people. Whenever we go to a store or to the bank we have a tendency to accidentally grab pens and stuff them in our purses. Even at home we question if we have one ready before we leave and throw one in our bag without checking. So whether you are a pen or pencil person, just pick one and put it in there and keep it there.

Emergency Kit in Car

Not everyone does this, but some people have a preference to keep their emergency kits in their purses. Most of the time this is because they have children who are often getting hurt. In this case, I recommend keeping that separate bag specifically for the occasions you’re walking around with kids. If it is just you though, you should be good storing this stuff in your car, where it is easy to access.

Go Digital

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Like everyone, I love the smell of a good book, new or old. Thing is, times are changing and not only do we need to save space, we have to start thinking about saving paper. So if you feel like you want to have a quick read while waiting at the DMV or at the park, try downloading some books to your phone from Amazon. It is super quick and easy and actually cheaper than buying physical books. Feel free to use the link below to get the app for free!

If you are also trying to save time though, try Audible so you can have the book read to you in the car while you go to get groceries or drive to work. Good news is, you can get 2 free audio books from Audible if you click on the picture below with my link. You’re welcome! ;P


No Purse at All

Don’t worry, this is totally normal, it’s going to be okay. We tend to think that since everyone else uses a purse that we need to as well. The thing is though, we have pockets! If your phone is reasonably sized, you can always just put it in your pocket along with a small wallet or money clip and then your keys. If men do it, why can’t we? As long as you aren’t a yoga pant or skinny jeans addict, there are days you just don’t have to wear a purse if you don’t want to!

So there you have it! There are many ways to simplify your life and getting your purse organized is just one of them. I hope these tips were as helpful to you as they were for me. Let me know in the comments you favorite bag hacks!

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