6 Last Minute Gift Ideas by Personality Type

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Getting loved ones last minute gifts can be difficult with all of the ads flashing in your face right before Christmas. However, with a little thought and personality assessment, you can totally get it right with these last minute gift ideas! Before we get started, be sure to check out these DIY gifts for loved ones who prefer a homemade touch.

The DIY Girl

SheaMoisture Beauty Hack Line

Almost everyone has that friend who prefers to make everything themselves. From their meals to their furniture and even their beauty products. Save your DIY loving friend a little time this year by getting them all the ingredients to make their beauty recipes a success.

SheaMoisture makes it beyond easy to create your own hair and skincare products on the fly with their Beauty Hack line. Each ingredient has a label to guide you when to use it in the DIY process. I’ve personally had such a great time mixing and matching the ingredients in this line and everything has turned out awesome! If you need some inspiration for DIYs, be sure to check out my beauty hack recipes.

The Neat Freak

I cannot begin to stress enough how much I love a clean home, but also how much time it takes to keep things clean with pets! If you have a friend who is always on the move trying to keep their home tidy, you can give them a hand without getting off the couch. By using a robot vacuum like the Eufy robot vacuum, your friend can keep their home spotless and focus on the things that really matter-like getting more pets!

The Outdoorsy Camper

Go Pro Camera for Outdoorsy Last Minute Gifts

The thing about people who go camping is that they like to be prepared. Chances are they are pretty independent and already have all their basic needs covered. However, if your camper friend is still using their phone to document their travels, it’s time for an upgrade. Go Pros offer so much when it comes to making memories. There’s an option to go hands free which means more time living the experience. I highly recommend the Go Pro Hero 6 as it offers 4k and is even WATERPROOF for those who love water adventures.

The New Years Resolution

Some friends are always on some sort of new routine to improve their lives. If you know someone who is looking to lose some weight, I highly recommend getting them a Fit Bit Watch. Not only will they be able to workout in style, they’ll have a way of tracking their progress.

The Animal Lover

Whether your animal loving friend loves cats or dogs, you can be sure to find something that floats their boat from Arm the Animals. Every time you purchase something from this site, money goes towards helping animals in need. I’m personally loving their Holiday Collection right now!

The Workaholic

Workaholic Gift Idea

For that friend that spends countless hours at the office working, they’ll really thank you if you give them some fuel. Give that workaholic a caffeine kick that actually taste good with a Nespresso coffee machine. I’m secretly praying that someone will give me a nice quality espresso machine! If your friend is sort of a coffee snob like me, they’ll love you forever if you grab them this Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine.

Getting Gifts Last Minute

Getting everyone exactly what they want can be difficult, but by assessing their personality type you can get pretty close! All these last minute gifts are very accessible and can be bought either online or in stores. Last, all that’s left is for you to nail this holiday season with your awesome last minute gifts!

Product samples from SheaMoisture were provided in order for me to assess the quality of and recommend these products. All opinions are my own. : )

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