10 Low-Maintenance Hanging Plants That’ll Add Life to Your Space

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10 Indoor Hanging Plants That're Low Maintenance

Whenever someone comes to me asking how to add some character and energy to their home, I always suggest adding hanging plants. Regardless of their space size, using plants that hang is an option that works for everyone. The result is always a stylish and practical space minus the air pollutants. To point you in the right direction, here are some hanging planters I personally love.

In case you have pets, plant hanging is a great way to keep them from being eaten. I always suggest using plants that’re non toxic to cats and dogs. Here is a list of pet friendly plants that filter your home’s air.

Hanging Plants That’ll Give Your Space Life

Pothos a.k.a. Devil’s Ivy

Pothos Hanging Plant

This beautiful plant is great for filtering air by removing toxins such as formaldehyde. If you live in a home that doesn’t have much natural light, then the pothos is for you. That’s because it’s great in low light situations.

Hanging Donkey’s Tail

Donkeys Tail Hanging Plant

You really wouldn’t expect a beauty like this from the name ‘Donkey’s Tail‘. These plants are great for adding drama to the main attraction of a pot. Try adding some colorful flowers to the middle of the pot to create a stunning work of art.

Heartleaf Philodendron Plants

Heartleaf Philodendron Hanging Plant

If you are into dramatic, moody looking plants, then feast your eyes on this beauty. The heartleaf philodendron is the perfect option for adding color to an otherwise bland room. Learn how to care for this plant at Revive Nursery.

Hanging String of Pearls Plants

String of Pearls Hanging Plant

Perfect for adding color and texture to white space, the string of pearls plant is easy on the eyes. Photo Credit: Lobster and Swan

Hanging Boston Fern Plants

Boston Fern

Let Lynzy and Co. show you exactly how to incorporate a beautiful Boston Fern plant into your porch area. This is definitely one of my favorite hanging plants for bringing the outdoors inside.

Hanging Spider Plant

Hanging Spider Plant

I know, I know. Spider plants are one of the easiest plants to get your hands on and they’re in everyone’s home. That’s because they are amazing at cleaning your home’s air and they’re pet friendly.

Although they may seem a bit bland on first sight, there are some great ways to style them. Check out this plant warehouse from Haarkon to get some ideas.

Hanging English Ivy Plant

English Ivy

Adding a large English Ivy plant to your hanging shelves is a great way to dress up a stale looking office. Image Credit: Nordic Days

Fish Hook Hanging Plants

Fish Hook Plants

Image Credit: The Palm Room

If you want a similar look to a cactus but afraid to get pricked, then the fish hook plant is a great alternative with an exotic look.

Hanging Succulents

Succulents in twine

Image Credit: The Hip Homestead

I have a feeling kokedama plants are going to be really in soon. Try creating a succulent kokodama with this tutorial by The Hip Homestead so you can get started on the trend.

Wandering Jew Hanging Plants

Wandering Jew Hanging Plant

Image Credit: Little and Lush

If only this were a pet safe plant! Who knew a non flowering plant could be so rich and colorful?

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  1. Where can you get the pink wandering Jew. I love this plant it is one of my favorites, but I have never seen it in pink. I gave like four of the plants, but in purple. I love them because they grow so easy.


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