How I lost 10 Pounds Last Month Without Exercise

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lose 10 lbs in a month

Just like many people, I am pretty keen on the idea of losing weight without relying on daily exercise. I’m busy and focused on maximum productivity each day. So, I take comfort in knowing my weight loss journey will continue regardless if the extra movement.  I can tell you how to lose 10 lbs. in a month without exercise, because I did it.

People have their own reasons for avoiding exercise and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are lazy. Some people have anxiety disorders. Some are shy because of how much weight they have put on. Others work full time jobs while going to school, AND raising a family. No matter what your circumstance is, know that most of your weight loss is determined by diet. So here are the things I made a point to do in order to lose 10 lbs in a month.


I am going to be honest. Although I like cooking and baking when I am in the mood, I don’t prep weekly meals, or cook daily. To clarify, when I bring up meal prep, I am not talking about just planning for the day. Rather, I mean planning for the ENTIRE week and creating those meals in bulk.

At this point you are probably wondering how I am able to meal prep; well, I don’t do it myself. Unfortunately, I am not super enthusiastic about changing my cooking habits. So, I splurge on healthy meals each day (as much as I love saving money, I have a rule for myself that I will never put money before my health).

Meal Prep Services

For my lifestyle, I find meal prep services essential in order to lose 10 lbs in a month. Personally, I like to use a local company called Foodie Fit. However, if you don’t live near them, here are a couple of nationwide meal prep services to consider:

  1. Flex Pro Meals
  2. Fit.Meals.Prep

Notice that I am not listing companies like Nutrisystem, or Jenny Craig. This is because I honestly find these companies make it hard for people to lose weight as they provide bad tasting food that isn’t fresh. On top of that, these companies don’t help people to adopt a healthy lifestyle; if they were to choose to get off the meal plans provided by the company, they would be completely screwed!

Think of someone who is trying to establish good eating habits; the type of preparation they make you do is way too similar to buying unhealthy freezer dinners and popping them into the microwave. So once you decide you are ready to eat healthy on your own, you have no idea how to do it! As result, you end up just returning to what is familiar to you. Even if you lose 10 lbs in a month, it is bound to come back. While I understand these systems appeal for some who are afraid to venture too far from their current eating habits, I can’t get behind it.

If a service is not the way you prefer to go, then have a look at these meal prep lunch ideas for inspiration.  They are easy to do and good for weight loss.


I have made it my personal goal to drink about a gallon of water per day to help me stay full longer, and it works! Before when I was already in pretty good shape I was consistently instructed by a well known professional fitness competitor to not drink right before, during, or after meals. However, this is difficult for me to do right now; once I get back down to the weight I am comfortable with though, I will be sure to practice this important fitness advice I was once given.

So what I do is whenever I am having meals, I make sure to drink a ton of water in between bites. To help me feel full longer, I also spread out the amount of time in between bites if I have some extra time on hand. These little tricks can really help as you continue to lose 10 lbs in a month.


This one is pretty difficult for me to do, because I live with a night owl. Before I decided to shed two years of weight gain, I was susceptible to the night owl lifestyle.  I still am. My default bedtime has been 4 AM, or later. Then I’d wake up the following afternoon ready for the next all nighter. Bad news for me, it is difficult to lose weight with this type of sleeping schedule.

I have found I am more prone to poor eating habits if I am awake later, because I get more cravings. With a varied sleep pattern I have the urge to eat at random times. So, do yourself a favor. TRY to sleep early and at the same time so that you can eat at the same time each day.


This tip is a really important one to remember! Every day you should have a rough eating schedule. Having a meal every 3-4 hours seems to work for most people as it keeps away those awful cravings and as a bonus, keeps your energy levels high. The great thing about eating every few hours is that after a while, your body gets so used to it, you don’t need to worry about referring to the clock over and over throughout the day. Your body will let you know you’re hungry, and since you aren’t eating foods that spike your blood sugar, you know it’s telling the truth.


Portion control is probably the easiest rule to follow since I have my meals prepped for the week. Not only are my macro nutrients taken care of with my meals, the portions are as well. I always know I am not going to overeat and that the high protein content will satisfy me.


That’s it.  That’s my weight loss method and it really works.  Try these simple weight loss tactics to start off the new year and let me know how your journey goes.  What are some of the biggest challenges you face as you work toward your weight loss goals? If you’d like more helpful tips

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