Spook Up Your Space! 19 Halloween Apartment Decor Ideas

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Spook Up Your Space! 19 Halloween Apartment Decor Ideas

Transforming an apartment into a Halloween wonderland can bring the spirit of the season right into your home. The right decor can turn a small space into a spooky paradise, creating an inviting atmosphere for both residents and guests.

When selecting Halloween decorations, pay attention to space-saving items that can be easily put up and taken down. Look for materials that are lightweight and easy to store, such as fabric banners or foldable paper lanterns. Consider safety features too, especially if you plan to use electric lights or candles.

Finding the perfect Halloween decor involves balancing aesthetics with functionality. We spent hours researching the best Halloween apartment decor items to help you celebrate the spooky season in style.

Spooky Halloween Apartment Decor Picks

Get ready to transform your apartment into a Halloween haven. We’ve curated a list of the best Halloween decor items to give your space a festive and spooky touch. Check out these fantastic products to elevate your Halloween apartment setup!

Halloween Cobweb Fireplace Scarf

Perfect for adding a spooky yet elegant touch to your Halloween decor setup.


  • Durable and can be reused
  • Adds a classy yet spooky touch
  • Versatile and fits different mantles


  • Only comes in one color
  • May need extra securing
  • Only for indoor use

The Halloween Cobweb Fireplace Scarf by GKkakuto truly elevates any Halloween decor. The spiderweb hollow design is intricate and vivid, turning your mantle into a refined yet eerie focal point. It’s perfect for covering a mantle, creating a haunted vibe without looking cheap or flimsy.

She noticed that this scarf is not just for Halloween—it’s versatile enough for use throughout the year. The 100% polyester material is thin and lightweight but surprisingly durable, meaning it can be a recurring part of your seasonal decor.

Just a heads-up, while it fits most mantles as advertised, extra securing might be needed to keep it in place, especially if there’s a draft. With its unique and elegant design, it’s a fantastic addition that’ll impress your guests.

Spooky Glow Halloween Lights

These Halloween lights are perfect for adding an eerie, festive vibe to any apartment.


  • Easy to install
  • Energy-efficient LED bulbs
  • Creates a spooky ambiance


  • Limited length
  • Batteries not included
  • Fragile wiring

The Spooky Glow Halloween Lights transform any space into a haunted hideaway effortlessly. With simple installation, they offer a quick setup, making it convenient for anyone to decorate in no time. The energy-efficient LED bulbs keep the spooky vibes alive all night without racking up your electricity bill.

Despite their charm, the lights have a limited length, which might not cover an entire room. This can restrict how grand your setup can be. Additionally, you’ll need to purchase batteries separately, adding to the cost.

Some may find the wiring a bit fragile, requiring cautious handling. They are ideal for adding a subtle yet spooky glow to your space, perfect for Halloween parties or just getting into the seasonal spirit.

Witchy Wall Decals

Witchy Wall Decals turn plain walls into a Halloween wonderland with minimal effort.


  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Reusable
  • Variety of spooky designs


  • Doesn’t adhere well to textured walls
  • Smaller designs can peel

The Witchy Wall Decals offer an easy way to decorate with various eerie designs. The application is straightforward, and peeling them off leaves no residue, making them perfect for apartment dwellers. Moreover, their reusability ensures you can enjoy these spooky designs year after year.

However, they don’t stick well to textured walls, which can be a downside if your apartment isn’t freshly painted. Some smaller designs may start peeling at the edges over time. The limited color palette might not suit everyone’s taste, but the variety of spooky motifs makes up for it.

These decals are ideal for anyone looking to add a frightful touch to their apartment without investing much time or money.

Pumpkin Lanterns

Pumpkin Lanterns bring a warm, festive glow to any apartment space.


  • Durable material
  • Charming design
  • Soft, ambient light


  • Requires a flat surface, unless you hang them
  • Higher price point

Pumpkin Lanterns are a delightful addition to any Halloween decor collection. They’re crafted from durable materials, ensuring they can be used year after year. The charming design adds a festive touch that’s sure to impress guests.

A con is they need a flat surface to sit on, which might limit where you can place them. However, you have the option to hang them.

The price might be on the higher side, but their durability and design make them a worthy investment. These lanterns serve as an excellent centerpiece or accent piece for Halloween gatherings.

Coogam 60PCS Halloween Bats Decoration

A must-have for spooking up your apartment, these bats bring a creepy, realistic flair to your Halloween decor!


  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with a variety of sizes
  • Durable for reuse


  • Adhesive can be tricky
  • May not stick well to all surfaces
  • Requires extra adhesive for best results

Transform any room into a hauntingly good time with these bats, which include 60 pieces in four different sizes. They stick easily to walls, doors, windows, and more, making them versatile for any spooky setup.

The bats are made from sturdy PVC material, ensuring they hold their shape and can be reused year after year. Stringing them together in various configurations can create an even more dynamic and eerie effect.

Although the included double-sided adhesive is not perfect, a little extra tape can solve most sticking issues. Once up, these bats deliver a chilling ambiance perfect for any Halloween celebration.

Dazzle Bright Halloween String Lights

These vibrant and versatile Halloween string lights are a must-have for adding a spooky yet whimsical charm to any apartment. Don’t let the photos discourage you if you don’t have a giant porch.

Try adding these lights around your apartment door, or really anywhere inside. They’re very versatile!


  • Eye-catching colors of purple and orange.
  • Eight different lighting modes for varied ambiance.
  • Safe to use with UL-certified low-voltage plug.


  • Limited to connecting up to three light strings.
  • The plug button might be tricky to operate for some.
  • Some may find them slightly heavy.

Dazzle Bright’s 300 LED string lights truly make a statement in Halloween decor. Their vivid purple and orange hues create a festive atmosphere that’s perfect for any apartment setting. The eight distinct lighting modes add versatility, allowing you to customize your spooky setup easily.

Despite a few minor challenges, like the connection limit and the slight weight, these lights shine with their safety features and durability. The UL-certified low-voltage plug ensures peace of mind during the witching season. For anyone looking to elevate their Halloween decorations, these lights are a solid choice.

Jetec Halloween Wooden Ornaments

Add a touch of spooky charm to your Halloween setup with these adorable decorations!


  • Durable wooden material
  • Variety of Halloween-themed designs
  • Easy to hang with included ropes


  • Only one side is painted
  • Some arrived broken
  • Dark colors may blend into black trees

These charming Jetec Halloween Wooden Ornaments are perfect for adding a playful yet spooky touch to any Halloween setup. The designs, featuring bats, cats, and pumpkins, create a lively festive atmosphere that will delight guests of all ages. The variety in the styles ensures there’s always something new to catch the eye.

Constructed from sturdy wood, these ornaments can withstand enthusiastic toddlers or pets. They come with pre-drilled holes and ropes, making it a breeze to hang them anywhere in your apartment, from windows to mantels. Despite some ornaments being unpainted on one side, this could be a fun DIY project to personalize them.

Some buyers noted that the dark colors might blend into black decorations, but this can be easily mitigated with a bit of creative repositioning. While a couple of ornaments may arrive broken, the overall value and charm of this set make it a delightful addition to any Halloween decor.

Valery Madelyn Pumpkin Figurines

Perfect addition to any Halloween apartment decor with charming details and LED lights.


  • Cute and original design
  • Durable resin material
  • Color-changing LED lights


  • Batteries may arrive dead
  • Lights could be brighter
  • Small in size

These Valery Madelyn Pumpkin Figurines immediately catch the eye with their playful design, featuring stacked pumpkins, a cat, an owl, and a ghost. They fit perfectly on a small shelf or desk, making the apartment feel festive without overwhelming the space.

Especially delightful are the color-changing LED lights, which add a glowing touch to the spooky figurines. Even with the lights off, the hand-painted details are truly charming and add to the overall seasonal feel.

However, he noticed that the lights could be a bit dim and the batteries might need replacement once they arrive. Despite this, the quality and sturdy build ensure they’ll last through many Halloweens, making them a worthy investment for your holiday decorations.

Roman Halloween Décor

An excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of festive fun to their Halloween celebrations with ease and style.


  • Delightfully spooky design
  • High-quality construction
  • Great gift idea


  • Battery life less than ideal
  • Needs smooth floors for best performance
  • Annoying noise levels

This whimsical Roman Halloween Décor item brings a playful spirit to your home. Its intricate details and lifelike textures make it a charming and unique addition to your Halloween collection.

Constructed from durable materials, this decoration promises longevity even through years of festive use. The product’s delightful movement and Halloween theme can be a hit at parties, impressing both kids and adults alike.

Despite its fun features, users might find the broom’s reliance on smooth surfaces a bit limiting. Additionally, the noise it generates could be a minor drawback. Nevertheless, the product’s visual appeal and overall quality make it a worthwhile investment for Halloween enthusiasts.

DFXSZ Halloween Pillow Covers

Perfect addition to your Halloween décor with a vintage twist and sturdy material.


  • Unique vintage Halloween designs
  • Sturdy linen material
  • Easy to put on with hidden zipper


  • Print only on one side
  • Slightly scratchy texture
  • No pillow inserts included

These Halloween pillow covers by DFXSZ are a fantastic way to add some spooky charm to your apartment. The vintage designs instantly transform your living space, making it feel festive and fun.

Crafted from sturdy linen, these covers can handle outdoor settings, too. Although the covers feel a bit scratchy, they’re durable and perfect for decorating on a budget.

The hidden zipper makes changing out your pillows a breeze. They arrived vacuum-sealed, maintaining their shape and adding to the overall convenience. Perfect for giving your home a Halloween touch with minimal effort!

Magical Floating LED Candles

Perfect for anyone wanting to create a mystical Halloween atmosphere with ease and style.


  • Creates an enchanting, magical ambiance
  • Easy installation with pre-attached strings
  • Remote control convenience


  • Each candle requires 2 AA batteries
  • Some candles might not work as expected
  • Low light intensity

The Magical Floating LED Candles deliver an enchanting atmosphere that instantly transforms any space into a mystical setting. These candles give off a realistic flickering glow, adding a touch of magic to your apartment.

The installation process is delightfully simple, thanks to the pre-attached strings. You can easily hang them using the included hooks and thumbtacks. The remote control makes it a breeze to turn them on and off, without needing to climb up to reach each one.

Despite their charm, the need for multiple batteries can be a downside. Additionally, some users may face issues with defective units and the light intensity might not be high enough for everyone’s taste. Nevertheless, they are a delightful addition to any Halloween decor.

Halloween Boo Neon Sign

This eye-catching neon sign brings the Halloween spirit to any apartment setting.


  • Bright and stable light quality
  • Easy to install and use
  • Safe materials and construction


  • Requires USB adapter (not included)
  • On/off switch placement
  • Limited to wall mount

The Halloween Boo Neon Sign instantly adds a mysterious and festive glow to your space. Imagine those iconic Halloween symbols—ghosts and pumpkins—lighting up your room while you host your epic Halloween party.

Setting it up is a breeze with the included USB cable and hanging holes. Just plug it into a power bank, USB socket, or phone charger to get it shining.

Besides, it’s made from lightweight and safe acrylic materials. Even though you’ll need a USB adapter for the wall plug and the placement of the switch could be more convenient, this charming neon sign is still a fantastic addition to your Halloween collection.

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