12 Front of House Flower Bed Ideas That’ll Add Color to Your Home

12 Flower Bed Ideas in Front of House

Front of House Flower Bed Ideas

Well maintained grass lawns look great, but we all know it’s the flowers that impress. Adding color to your front yard can have a huge impact on the overall curb appeal of your home. Get creative with these front garden landscaping ideas. They’re bound to help you create the entryway landscaping you’ve always dreamed of!

Before we get started, be sure to check out these container garden ideas for unique ways to plant your garden. However, in case you’re looking to bring the outdoors into your home, try some of these indoor gardening DIYs. They work for small and big spaces alike because the right plants shape any size room. Now, we’re going outdoors, because it’s time to find your favorite flower bed idea!

Hanging Tire Flower Bed

Blue Flower Bed Tire for Your Front Yard

Hanging a tire planter (yes, with the garden gnome!) on one of the trees in your front yard can add quirk to your setup. I love creative garden ideas, and this one will surely turn your neighbors’ heads. If you were considering hanging baskets for your front yard garden, this is a great twist to try. Be sure to check out the tutorial from DIY Show Off.

DIY Vertical Flower Bed

DIY Vertical Garden Flower Bed

If you happen to have a wall in front of your house that could use something extra, then try a DIY vertical flower bed. Try color coordinating the vertical garden to the rest of your flower garden for a cohesive look. To see the materials used, check out The Idea Room.

Violin Flower Bed

Cello Flower Bed Instrument

I’ve heard of singing and playing music for your plants, but how about potting them in an actual cello? Next time you find yourself with a repairable instrument, try making some use out of it. What was once trash can become a beautiful showpiece for your front lawn.

Stacked Tires

Recycled Tire Garden

In case you don’t have a tree to hang tires from, consider layering them. I’d recommend placing these on your front porch. You can add a creative pop of color to your landscaping by painting your tires. I love the cute patterns on the painted tires above.

You can find more tire planter ideas from Birds and Bloom.

Potted Plants

Potted Flower Bed With Tulips

This flower bed pot idea from Sequing Gardens is genius! Simply pot your flowers as you usually would and plant the pot into the ground. This way, it’s easier to replant your flowers when the time comes.

Glowing Planters

Flower Bed Vases With Light

Allow your flower garden to show its beauty even late at night with a light-up vase. By using a glowing flower pot, you highlight the most appealing aspects of your yard.

Find out how to design a garden with Home Edit.

Flower Bed Pathway

Flower Bed Pathway

Guide your guests to your front door with a beautiful pathway of flowers. To get this cottage-style flower bed, allow some greenery to grow between each stepping stone.

See more garden path ideas with stepping stones at The Garden Lover’s Club.

Log Planter

Tree Stump and Log Planter

If only flowers like these naturally grew from logs! Since they don’t, we will just have to improvise. Please take note of the enormous, yet adorable faux ant climbing the tree stump.

This image is thanks to Hometalk.

Tree Stump Planter

Tree Stump Flower Garden DIY

Don’t know what to do with that old stump in your front yard? Try one of my favorite front of house flower bed ideas.

Learn how to create a beautiful tree stump garden bed from Balcony Garden Web.

Simple Landscape

Simple Flower Garden Idea

If you aren’t into the overgrown landscape concept, then try a minimalist approach. I love this simple idea because it incorporates dark brown mulch to create a clean look. It also works for those opting for a low maintenance approach.

See more photos at Garden Landscape Ideas.

Flower Wheel Barrow

Flower Wheel Barrow DIY

This is a popular look for farmhouse style homes and gardens. If you love the grown in garden look, then you should try this idea for sure. There are plenty of ways to make a creative garden with this setup, and it’s low maintenance too!

Check it out at Kifissia Flower Show.

Mailbox Flower Bed

Mail Box Flower Bed Idea

Give your mailman something cute to look at next time he delivers your mail. If you’re looking to change out your actual mailbox, then try making the mailbox the actual planter!

Check out more mailbox flower bed ideas at Country Living.

I hope you loved these in front of house flower beds as much as I did!

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