Scottsdale Restaurants: Where to Eat While in Scottsdale

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Scottsdale restaurants are well known for their high-quality food, especially when it comes to healthy options and vegan grub. We had the pleasure of trying several Scottsdale restaurants this past summer and are excited to share our favorites!

Scottsdale Restaurants

It’s been a goal of ours to find and bring recognition to areas that accommodate vegan living, and Scottsdale did not disappoint. Before deciding to visit, we had exhausted many lists of vegan travel destinations featuring the same cities over and over again. We knew that veganism has been spreading like wildfire, and cruelty-free areas couldn’t have been limited to just California, Washington, and Oregon! It was time people knew where to eat in Scottsdale as a vegan!

Using the handy-dandy Yelp website, we were able to see how many restaurants in a given area had plant-based options, and Scottsdale seemed to be rocking to vegan scene! The best part is there were non-processed dishes to try, which is hard to come by living in Las Vegas.

Now we are not as hardcore as we’d like to be (maybe someday) and like to try a bit of local non-vegan options when traveling. So if you are exploring with friends who are either transitioning or straight up not vegan, there are things on this list for them to try as well!

The Vig

The Vig-Vegan Friendly Restaurant in Scottsdale Arizona

The atmosphere here was very inviting, and there were people of all ages. Whether you are traveling with your kids or here with your partner, you’ll love the laid back atmosphere, especially on the patio. I loved the trivia cards on each table inside black pepper containers!

Moscow Mule

Black Bean Burger in Scottsdale, AZ

I started with The Vig’s ‘Daily Mule, ‘ which had a subtle spice to it. For my entree, I tried out their black bean burger, which was delicious! I usually don’t care much for black bean patties, but this one had a realistic meat-like texture to it.

Find out more about The Vig here.

Simon’s Hot Dogs

Vegan Hot Dogs at Simon's Hot Dogs in Scottsdale, AZ

Simon’s Hot Dogs makes it very easy for customers to customize each hot dog according to preference/dietary needs. I loved that with a little creativity, no dish was off limits! We both decided to get the California style vegan hot dog, and it was delicious comfort food. The top photo is of the Colombian, and the bottom is the Tokyo Madness.

Find out more about Simon’s Hot Dogs here.

Olive & Ivy

Now, this is where one of those cheat meals I talked about comes in. If you’re looking for a non-vegan meal around Old Town, you’ve got to check out Olive & Ivy.

Places to eat in Scottsdale, Arizona-Olive and Ivy

The first dish photographed is a bruschetta with pepper jam and asparagus. It had a delicate balance of sweet and spiced (but not hot spicy) flavors and was crunchy to bite into.

The other dishes featured are a truffle pasta, salmon with potatoes and a lemon sponge cake. Mm!

Find out more about Olive & Ivy here.


Scramble-Vegan Breakfast Joint in Scottsdale AZ

The following morning we decided to get back on track; so, we tried a breakfast place that specializes in vegan eggs. If you eat a lot of vegan food, then you can only imagine how excited we were at the thought of a vegan breakfast!

I make scrambled tofu all the time, but the tofu eggs they make at Scramble are PERFECTION. It seriously made my day when I found this giant shelving full of hot sauce!

Find out more about Scramble here.

Farm & Craft

Healthy and Vegan-Friendly Options at Farm and Craft in Scottsdale, AZ

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat in Old Town where you can bring your dog, then check out Farm & Craft. They have a patio that even supplies dog toys!

Vegan Food in Scottsdale AZ

I loved how fresh and healthy the food here was. It was a great way to get some nutrition without over-stuffing myself. If you decide to come here, then I highly recommend the tofu & beats as well as the lavender lemonade.

Find out more about Farm & Craft here.

Super Chunk

Super Chunk-Scottsdale, AZ

If you’ve got to have your sweet fix after going to Farm & Craft, then you’ll only need to walk across the street to find Super Chunk. Grab yourself a sorbet, then check out all the neat stuff they have in the attached store.

Find out more about Super Chunk here.

True Food Kitchen

Vegan-Friendly True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale AZ

Going to True Food Kitchen was a great reason to visit the Scottsdale Quarter. My favorite part of this place is the cocktails because they are really well balanced and not too sweet.

Another noteworthy thing about this restaurant is that they serve the best tofu I have ever had!

Find out more about True Food Kitchen here.

Good & Proper

Good and Proper in Hotel Adeline in Scottsdale, AZ

After waking up at Hotel Adeline, we went to their restaurant located by the pool, Good & Proper.

Scottsdale Restaurants

This food was a great way to wake up, that’s for sure. The French Toast was ridiculously indulgent in a right way, which means a lot coming from me because I typically don’t go for sweets.

If you want to stick to a vegan diet, then I recommend grabbing an orange juice and pairing it with their amaranth oatmeal (which is pictured above).

My favorite part of this meal had to be the sandwich and potatoes. Being someone who can’t resist a sweet and salty breakfast, I completely devoured this!

Find out more about Good & Proper at Hotel Adeline here.


Butters in Scottsdale AZ

On our last day in Scottsdale, we decided to check out a breakfast place called Butters as we were looking for more Scottsdale restaurants to add that served breakfast. We saw this restaurant on our way back to the hotel from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and knew it had to be amazing just because of its name.

I highly recommend trying out their mocha cappuccino if you are craving something sweet with a bit of caffeine in it. For the entrees, we got the scramble with smoked salmon and cream cheese and the eggs benedict. Both were incredibly good, and we’d get it again if we ever go back!

Find out more about Butters here.

All of the food we got to try at the Scottsdale restaurants was so freaking amazing. I noticed a lot of experimental flavors that were executed perfectly, making you want to eat forever! If you are on the hunt for a foodie vacation, then you’ve found your place.

A huge thank you to Experience Scottsdale for all of the hosted meal experiences. <3 As always, all opinions are my own. 🙂

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