Easy Gifts for Him: 15 That You Can Make Yourself

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It can be really difficult at times to shop for men and show that you care while giving him something that he will actually use. You want to make him feel special without breaking the budget as there are lots of other people you need to make gifts for. If you want to DIY your way to a memorable but inexpensive Christmas, read on for some easy gifts for him that are both quick and easy.

15 Easy Gifts for Him to DIY

Making an Easy Gift for Him He’ll Use…

Men can be difficult when it comes to gifts. They’re just fine without any present at all but hard to please when you get them something. From experience, the best and easy gift for him is one that doesn’t require hard to find materials and is something he will need at one point or another. Whether it’s a beard oil or candy, men make it pretty obvious what kind of presents they like. Even if it may be bad for them, sometimes we just have to give ’em what they want!

More Gifts to Choose From

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1. Korean Kalbi Beef Jerky

Homemade Kalbi Beef Jerky
Source: Eating Richly


2. The Grill Man

Grilling Gift Basket for Him
Source: A Night Owl Blog


3. DIY Beer Tote

DIY Beer Tote With Plans
Source: Rogue Engineer


4. DIY Cedar Wood Beard Balm

DIY Cedar Wood Beard Balm
Source: Fireflies and Mud Pies


5. Kentucky Bourbon Etched Glass

Kentucky Bourbon Etched Glass Set
Source: Where the Smiles Have Been


6. Tool Bouquet

Tool Flower Bouquet DIY
Source: Diana Rambles


7. Candy Bouquet

Candy Bouquet DIY for Him
Source: Down Red Bud Drive


8. Sock Bouquet

Sock Bouquet DIY
Source: 4 Sons R Us


9. Hand Warmers

Heart Shaped Hand Warmer DIY
Source: Swoodson Says

10. Monogrammed Camping Skewer Set

Monogrammed Camping Skewer Set DIY Easy Gift for Him
Source: Design Sponge


11. Treat Filled Slippers

DIY Slippers Easy Gift for Him
Source: Pretty Providence


12. Halligan’s American Travel Map

Halligans American Travel Map
Source: Design Sponge


13. DIY Beard Oil

DIY Beard Oil
Source: Everything Etsy


14. Industrial Copper Pipe Clock

Industrial Copper Metal Clock DIY
Source: Dwelling in Happiness


15. DIY Men’s Body Wash With Essential Oils

DIY Men's Body Wash With Essential Oils DIY Gift
Source: Mrs Wright Writes

Which Easy Gifts for Him to Make…

If the man in your life isn’t totally clear on what he likes, an easy gift for him is one that every man uses, like body wash or a clock. Keep him clean or help keep him on time!

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