14 Easy DIY Laptop Stand Ideas

Using your legs as a laptop stand can get pretty old after a while, and can even cause back pain over time. Encourage yourself to practice proper posture while using your computer by building one of these DIY laptop stand ideas.

Why Build Your Laptop Stand?

There are plenty of reasons to make your laptop stand.

  • It’s nice to be able to customize your laptop stand to your personal needs
  • Buying new furniture isn’t always kind to our wallets
  • If you’re handy and have woodworking skills, you can create something better than store-bought
  • You aren’t sure how long you’ll be using your stand and don’t want to invest in an expensive one

Keep Your Laptop From Overheating

Laptops can be costly due to the convenience of their portability. Since there is limited space for components, laptops don’t have the extensive cooling capabilities that desktop computers do. Be sure to protect your investment by buying a quality laptop cooling pad. It’ll ensure the longevity of your computer.

Check out the laptop cooling pad that I use and love. It’s very affordable and quickly cools my gaming laptop.

Want an awesome game room to go with your new stand? Check out these epic gamer room ideas.

Easy DIY Laptop Stand Ideas

Are you wondering about how to build a laptop stand on the cheap? Here are some of my favorite do it yourself laptop stands you can build yourself on a budget. Each laptop table comes with tutorials and plans. Most of these are easy enough for beginners DIYers with a few projects geared towards those with basic woodworking skills.

Cheap and Easy DIY Laptop Stand

Cheap and Easy DIY Laptop Stand

Cardboard DIY Laptop Stand

Cardboard Laptop Stand

Copper and Wood DIY Laptop Table

Copper and Wood DIY Laptop Stand

PVC Pipes DIY Laptop Stand

PVC Laptop Stand

Aluminum Laptop Stand

Aluminum Laptop Stand

DIY Laptop Stand for Couch Use

Books as DIY Laptop Stand

Books as Laptop Stand

DIY IKEA Laptop Stand Hack

IKEA Laptop Stand Hack

DIY Bed Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand for Bed

IKEA Laptop Stand

IKEA Style Laptop Stand

DIY Laptop Sofa Table

DIY Laptop Sofa Table

Wood DIY Laptop Stand

Wood Laptop Stand

Scrap Wood DIY Laptop Stand

Scrapwood DIY Laptop Stand

How to Build a PVC Pipe Laptop Stand

PVC Pipe Laptop Stand Idea

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