10 Easy Bun Hairstyles That Look Like They Took Effort

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Finding step by step tutorials for easy bun hairstyles can be ridiculously difficult. If you’re looking to save some time getting ready in the morning without compromising your look, check these hair tutorials out.

10 Easy Bun Tutorials Step by Step

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Easy Bun Hairstyles & Tutorials

Quick Easy Bun Hairstyle

Source: Style Craze

Fancy Top Bun

Festival Hair-Perfect Messy Bun Tutorial

Source: Freckled Fox

This perfect messy bun is a great option if you’re going out to a festival or anywhere you expect your hair to get a bit frazzled. At the end of the day, even after your bun has settled, you’ll still be rocking a gorgeous style.

Easy Bun Hairstyles for the Messy Look

Source: Marie Claire

This fancy messy bun is another great option if you’re going to be out all day. It keeps just enough hair out of your face for comfort.

Source: Missy Sue

The looped braid low bun is for those of you who like to keep a little hair in front to frame the face. It’s a great style that will slim your profile.

Fishtail Low Braid Bun

Source: Missy Sue

Try this elegant bun for dinners where you don’t expect to be running around too much. It’s classy, but may come apart if you start jumping around too much.

Bouffant Bun Hair Tutorial

Source: Freckled Fox

I love the bouffant bun for those hot humid days. Take some dry shampoo with you in your purse to keep the poof going strong all day long.

Sock Bun Tutorial

Source: Marie Claire

Another great bun for those humid days is the sock bun. I love it specifically for going to adventure parks that involve water and roller coasters. Even wet, this style looks AMAZING.

Top Knot Bun Tutorial

Source: Erin Elizabeth

Top Knot Buns are great for those work days that you don’t want your hair giving you any grief. It’ll stay in place and looks great even on your worst hair days.

Doughnut Bun Tutorial

Source: Join the Mood

If you want a sock bun that has a little more character to it, try the twist doughnut bun. It adds a interest around the bun.

Easy Low Bun Tutorial

Source: Danielle Vela

This classic low bun tutorial will teach you how to perfect the ultimate lazy style.

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  1. Bun hairstyles are a great way to achieve a polished and put-together look with minimal effort. Great recommendations…. these buns will make you feel chic and stylish without taking up too much of your time!!


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