The 19 Best DIY Firepit Projects for Your Backyard

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Whether it’s hot or cold outside, fire pits are one of the best DIY project investments you can make for your backyard. They’re easy to make and set the mood for summer backyard parties and winter cuddles on the patio. Even if you don’t have a ton of space, these DIY firepit ideas can be adjusted to your needs.

First, check out these backyard ideas to learn how you can add that final touch to your space.

DIY Firepit Ideas for Your Backyard

Need that wow factor for your yard on a small budget? Fire pits are not only easy to make but cost-effective too. You can spend as little as $10 on an up-cycled fire pit. Most of these DIY firepit ideas are even under $100. No need to get creative because all the ideas you need are below.

1. Simple Round Over Grass Fire Pit

This is an easy circular fire pit design for beginners to add to their backyard area. By creating a stone fire pit build, you can save a ton of money while getting an awesome result.

If you’re a visual learner, you’re going to love this video. Thrift Diving teaches you how to build a DIY fire pit in your backyard on minimal time.

2. The Perfect S’more Fire Pit

4 Step Fire Pit DIY-DIY firepit ideas

Creating the ultimate s’more machine in your backyard can be done in 4 steps? Count me in! This tutorial from A Beautiful Mess shows you how to get it done with no funny business. Click through to their blog to get the details on this easy DIY project.

3. $60 Fire Pit Idea

$60 Fire Pit DIY

This classic fire pit on grass will set you back only $60. To make it you’ll only need square pavers, triangle pavers, gray pavers, and paver sand. Oh, and a hammer. See the tutorial from Keeping it Simple Crafts.

4. Up-cycled Fire Pit DIY

patio fire pit DIY

Sometimes people are nice and will give you their old fire pit bowls. The lesson of the day? People are great. Check out Always Chasing Life for the details. If you are unable to find a neighbor willing to give you a fire pit bowl, a quick trip to the store won’t set you back too much.

5. Stone Fire Pit DIY With Half Wall

Stone Fire Pit With Half Wall

Simple fire pits are the best way to keep on budget. They also go great with any backyard design. This DIY fire pit idea from Flikr only requires a hammer, broom, stones, and heavy-duty glue. You can always use cement, but it isn’t necessary.

What I really like about this fire pit idea is that the surrounding ground matches the fire pit. There is even seating!

6. $75 Fire Pit DIY

$75 Fire Pit

HowChoo gives 3 great options for building a fire pit in your backyard. Naturally, his favorite being the cheapest one. I’m really loving the adorable stars and moon cut out!

7. Paved Patio Fire Pit

Paver Patio Fire Pit DIY

Everyday Shortcuts teaches you all the know-how on building a fire pit. Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered on the important bits like leveling.

8. Fire Pit Patio

Country Cottage Fire Pit Idea

Set the mood in your backyard with a cottage style fire pit from Brooklyn Limestone. This ambiance definitely makes this project one of my favorite DIY firepit ideas!

Have a small backyard area? This fire pit design lends itself well to tiny spaces as you can add all your seating around the perimeter of the space. Highlight the upsides of its cozy nature by adding warm glowing lights.

9. Stacked Flagstone

Easy DIY Fire Pit

If you’re looking for a beautiful neutral fire pit for your garden area, consider this DIY from Houzz. This flush ground fire pit idea is great if you have concerns about the fire obstructing your view. You’ll be able to clearly see who you’re conversing with across the fire, perfect for bonding time.

10. Square Fire Pit With Adjustable Draft

Only different thing you should do when following this tutorial is using fire bricks instead of the current paver material. The same thing goes for the other cinder blocks.

If you are a little over the traditional circle fit pit design, mix things up with a square fit pit DIY project.

Now go show Brendan Chapuis on YouTube some love!

11.  DIY Tabletop Firepit

Tabletop Concrete Bowl Firepit DIY

This concrete bowl fire pit idea works great on an outdoor tabletop. It’s a clean design and adds a modern touch to your space. Upgrade your backyard space by adding this cheap and simple DIY project. You can find the details on this fire bowl at Manmade DIY.

12. $50 Concrete Tree Rings Firepit Idea

Concrete Tree Ring Fire Pit DIY

This DIY firepit is under 100 dollars to make and doubles as a grill. It’s the perfect option if you love the idea of grilling around an open fire with some company. Korean BBQ style anyone?

You can find the tutorial for this project at Instructables.

13. Simple & Small DIY Firepit Project

Simple and Small Firepit Idea

Small backyards work really well with minimalist style setups. This modest-sized firepit DIY can fit in many smaller areas with no problem. You can get the details from The Brick House.

14. Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit DIY

Washing Machine Drum Firepit DIY

This upcycled washing machine drum firepit idea shines in its portability. If you’re looking for a portable fire pit that can be moved to various locations of your backyard, this makes an affordable option to try.

You can get the project details from Instructables.

15. Classic Stone Firepit Idea

Stone Firepit DIY

Get the traditional firepit aesthetic with this cozy stone tutorial. The materials are minimal and accessible to beginners. Find the tutorial at DIY Network.

16. Tabletop Fire Pit

DIY Tabletop Firepit Feature

This tabletop firepit DIY is perfect if you’re looking for a multipurpose table. You can conveniently set your coffee mugs on top while enjoying the fire. Get more details from DIY Network.

17. Belgian Firepit Project DIY

Simple Belgian firepit DIY

If you don’t have a ton of time to spare looking for materials, this tutorial is for you. You can create a Belgian firepit of your own by following the instructions from Menards.

18. Video Tutorial for Inground Firepit

This video tutorial from Lowes will show you how to make an inground firepit easily.

19. Tabletop Fire Bowl

Tabletop Fire Bowl DIY

Add a little color to your space with this DIY tabletop fire bowl from Today’s Creative Life.

I hope you liked these DIY fire pit ideas as much as I have!

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