Designing a DIY Mimosa Bar for Any Wedding Event

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Upgrade any formal gathering with a DIY mimosa bar!  This post guides you on all the details to create your own mimosa bar and gorgeous display.  Read on to learn more!
DIY Mimosa Bar

Weddings are an exciting time in our lives and you want that moment to be perfect. It can all feel like a bit much with all the planning involved, but it doesn’t have to be! Thankfully, we have Sierra here from Zola to help you be free of the unnecessary overwhelm.

From the engagement party to bridal showers and bachelorettes—the thrilling months between the proposal and the wedding day are packed with festivities. When throwing a chic soirée right in your own home, a stylish mimosa bar is one of the simplest and most elegant DIY additions to your bar.

With just a simple collection of fresh juices, aromatic garnishes and a mix of your favorite glassware, a DIY mimosa bar can be the center of your next party decor. Follow these easy, budget-friendly steps created by Zola for a make-your-own mimosa station that properly celebrates your favorite pair of soon-to-be-newlyweds.


Gather DIY Mimosa Bar Supplies

DIY Wedding Mimosa Bar Supplies

Approach your DIY mimosa bar tablescape with three categories in mind: tableware, decor and the tasty ingredients themselves. Once you’ve chosen a central spot and table for your display, follow this quick rundown of what you’ll need for a successful setup.

Glassware and bowls:

  • Glasses: Choose a sleek collection of matching champagne flutes or mix and match for a creative, funky flair.
  • Carafes and Pitchers: Fill small, vintage-inspired milk bottles or carafes with your choice of mixers. Add some simple labels with gift tags and twine.
  • Bowls and Pedestals: Create interesting levels on your table both for a fun look and a seamless assembly line.
  • Ice Bucket: Since this is an iceless cocktail, you’ll want to keep your champagne bottles chilled and displayed beautifully.


Festive Decor:

Mimosa Bar Festive Decor

  • Paper Straws: Match the color of your decor with striped paper straws in a mason jar or stemless wine glass.
  • Floral Decor: Complement the colorful array of juices and fruit with a vase or two of fresh flowers.
  • Banners and Vines: Create symmetry by adding a wedding-theme banner to the front of your table with complementing vines draping on the wall above.


Champagne and Mixers:

  • Bubbly: Depending on the number of guests and length of your event, assume you’ll need about one bottle per four guests at your gathering.
  • Juices: Get creative! In addition to the standard orange and mango juices, consider grapefruit, pineapple and pomegranate.
  • Garnishes: Pomegranate seeds, fruit wedges, berries and even herbs like rosemary and basil make great additions.
  • Sugar: As an extra touch, consider including two small plates—one with lime juice and one with sugar—for dipping the rims of glasses before making their drink.


Design Your Mimosa Display

The most important element of any buffet or bar is flow and accessibility. The layout of your DIY mimosa bar should advise your guests on how to make the drink itself. Here are a few steps to laying out the ideal setup:

Start with Essentials

DIY Mimosa Display

The largest and most important items will take up the most space. Balance the ice bucket with the garnish pedestals on either side of the table, then lay out the glasses and pitchers in an area easy to access and replenish. Adding labels to the juices and place cards near the sugar bowls also encourages creative cocktails.

Add the Extras

Mimosa Bar Station Ingredients

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for all your table and glassware, begin adding your juice and garnishes to the bowls and carafes. Fill the bucket with ice and champagne bottles about 10 minutes before guests arrive.

Sugar Garnishes

Mimosa Sugar Station

Fruit Garnishes
Mimosa Garnishes

Fill with Decor

Wedding Mimosas

Tuck your final touches into open spots once all the essentials are placed and ready to go. Balance color with one large or several small floral arrangements. Complement the colors of the table onto the wall above your DIY mimosa bar, then add a stylish wooden sign, hanging vines, or holiday lights.


How to Make a Mimosa

How to Make a Mimosa Recipe

Now that everything’s in place, play around with all the lovely combinations of flavors possible in a mimosa, bellini or any creative combination for your palate.

  1. Begin by dipping your rim in the lime juice and then giving it a spin in the accompanying sugar.
  2. Fill your glass about halfway with champagne, give or take depending on your taste.
  3. Add one or a mixture of juices.
  4. Top it off with cut fruit, herbs or floral garnishes.

Looking for some trustworthy mimosa recipes? Then Check out Zola’s infographic for drink tips and tasty combinations. Even print out the recipes, place in a frame and display as part of your DIY bar!

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