I Wore the Comfy Sweatshirt Blanket for an Entire Week (Shark Tank)

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Have you ever wished you could just wear your blanket around all day? Well, now there’s a product that lets you do just that! The Comfy Sweatshirt Blanket is the perfect way to stay cozy and comfortable all day long.

I Wore the Comfy Sweatshirt Blanket for an Entire Week (Shark Tank) - Comfy Review
The Comfy Original Packaging (Blush)

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What is the Comfy?

It’s a giant hoodie blanket! Basically, it’s like wearing your favorite blanket as a hoodie. It comes in different colors and fabrics to fit your personal needs. There is even a water-resistant version!

This unique blanket is made from super soft and cozy material, and it’s designed to fit like a regular sweatshirt. It features long sleeves, a hood, and an oversized pocket so you can carry all your essentials.

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Which Comfy Should I Get?

The Comfy Adult

The Comfy Adult line is meant for adults and breaks down further categories:

  • The Original
  • Splash: Water-resistant material.
  • Original Quarter-Zip: The original, but with a zipper.
  • Dream: A lightweight version of the original.
  • Characters
  • College Teams
  • Teddy Bear Quarter-Zip: High-quality Sherpa material for a bigger and fluffier Comfy.

The Comfy College

If you are a big fan of college sports, you’ll love watching your team play while wearing their Comfy team blanket.

The Comfy Characters

The Comfy characters are themed sweater blankets of your favorite movies and heroes like:

  • Marvel Spider-Man
  • Disney Frozen
  • Disney Princess
  • Marvel Avengers
  • Disney Minnie Mouse
  • Disney Mickey Mouse
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian

The Comfy Jr.

The Comfy Jr. is made for children and comes in the following lines:

  • The Original
  • Dream
  • Characters
  • Dream Quarter-Zip

Comfy Sweatshirt Review After Wearing it for a Week

I recently decided to test this product out for myself by wearing the Comfy Sweatshirt Blanket for one full week. I wanted to see if it could really keep me comfortable and warm all day, so I kept a diary of my experience.

Here’s what happened when I wore the Comfy Sweatshirt Blanket for an entire week.

Day 1: On the first day I definitely noticed the difference in weight from my usual clothing. The Comfy Sweatshirt Blanket was much heavier than other clothing, but it was still really comfortable.

I felt warm and snug while wearing it, and I love how the oversized pocket lets me keep all my essentials close at hand.

Day 2: On the second day, I realized that the Comfy Sweatshirt Blanket was not only comfortable but also really adorable!

I received several compliments from friends and family, who couldn’t believe the blanket was actually a piece of clothing. Everyone wanted to touch it!

Day 3: On day three, I decided to wash my Comfy and noticed it came out of the dryer just as cozy and plush as when I first put it on.

Day 4: On day four, while taking my dog out, I realized I wasn’t cold.

I usually pace back and forth trying to keep warm, but I was able to stand in place and patiently wait for my dog to do her business.

Day 5: On day five, I decided to turn down the heat in my home and see if I could stay comfortable.

After some experimentation, I was able to set my thermostat 5 degrees colder than normal while maintaining comfort.

Day 6: It was time to give my Comfy another cleaning. Again, it came out from the dryer perfectly!

Day 7: On the final day of my experiment, I discovered that the Comfy Sweatshirt Blanket is perfect for napping!

After wearing it all week, it felt like a second skin and I was able to drift into a peaceful sleep.

Photos of the Comfy Original in Blush & Blue

The Comfy Original in Blush
The Comfy Blush Color in Real Life

For reference, I tried out the Comfy Original in Blush and Blue. I took some photos of the colors in real life so you can compare them to the product image.

I personally think the real-life colors are pretty accurate and very pretty!

The Comfy Original in Blue

Where to Buy the Comfy

You can buy the Comfy directly from the company’s website.

Click here to receive 10% off your purchase at the official Comfy online store.

The Comfy FAQ

Did the Comfy come from Shark Tank?

Yes, the Comfy appeared on Shark Tank and went viral after their feature.

Can the Comfy go in the dryer?

The Comfy can go in the dryer. Tumble dry it separately and at a low temperature.

Can I sleep in my Comfy?

Of course! If you tend to get cold at night, the Comfy will keep you cozy and warm. However, if you tend to sleep hot, you may find it uncomfortable.

Does the Comfy wash well?

Yes, it comes out of the dryer like brand new. You can wash it just once a week, or even less often if you aren’t constantly wearing it. I like to wash my clothes often, so I wash them once every 3-4 days.

Should You Get This Big Sweatshirt Blanket?

Overall, I would highly recommend the Comfy Sweatshirt Blanket! Not only does it keep you warm and comfortable, but it’s also incredibly cozy and stylish.

Plus, with the various colors and styles available, you can find a design that fits your needs perfectly.

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