11 Gorgeous Blue Velvet Sofas With Living Room Ideas

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11 Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas

Velvet sofas are really in right now, and I have to say I’m all for it. They’re the perfect statement piece for any living room and liven up an otherwise plain-looking space. While these sofas come in many beautiful colors, such as green and black, I’ve become fond of the blue color. Whether navy or teal, blue sofas have the appeal of easily being dressed up or neutralized to fit the style of your room. Read on for inspiration on how to decorate your living room with a blue velvet sofa.

Highly-Rated Blue Velvet Sofas

Here are some of the best blue velvet sofas online right now. If you’re wondering how to choose your blue sofa, start with what’s popular and loved. Each of these living room sofas adds character and sophistication to your living room.

Affordable Blue Velvet Sofa Under $350

This blue velvet sofa will work in a small living room. You can seat two regular sized adults and maybe squeeze in a young child as well.

Affordable Blue Velvet Sofa

Highly-Rated Blue Velvet Sofa

If you’re all about high reviews, you’ll be delighted to see all the 5-star ratings on this velvet sofa. Customers are praising it for being comfortable and very stylish on a budget. In case you’re not entirely sold on navy blue, there are plenty of other colors to choose from like rose, beige, burgundy, artic blue, hunter green, purple, and more.

Highly-Rated Blue Velvet Sofa

Midcentury Modern Blue Velvet Sofa

Being a fan of mid-century modern home decor, I was excited to see this couch. You can dress this one up or play it down; I personally like to go for the minimalist mid-century modern aesthetic.

Midcentury Modern Blue Velvet Sofa

Luxurious Blue Velvet Sofa

Here is our top pick for a blue velvet sofa that screams luxury. In spite of its classy appearance, you’ll love its budget-friendly price. This couch goes well with glamorous and glossy home decor. I recommend neutral glam complimentary furniture.

Luxurious Blue Velvet Sofa

Tufted Modern Navy Blue Velvet Sofa

The wooden siding of this blue couch adds an organic feel to your space. You can contribute to its worldly appeal by incorporating travel home decoration such as maps and globes.

Tufted Navy Blue Velvet Sofa

Contemporary Blue Velvet Sofa With Gold Legs

Furniture with gold legs is a huge hit right now. You can add life to your space by matching your coffee table and side tables to your couch by picking gold-legged pieces. If you find something you enjoy without gold legs, you can easily spray paint the legs and achieve a fantastic result.

Contemporary Blue Velvet Sofa With Gold Legs

Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas

Since I’ve been velvet sofa hunting for my living room, I have created a roundup of my favorite setups. Now that you’ve found your gorgeous and affordable sofa, it’s time to get some inspiration for decorating. These examples will give you ideas on what goes best with and how to style blue velvet sofas.

Blue Velvet Sofa in Living Room

Source: Jessica Brigham

Dark Blue Velvet Sofa + Grey Mid Century Modern Chairs + Neutral Rug

Mid Century Modern Blue Velvet Sofa With Wood Legs

Source: Emily Henderson

Camel Leather Accent Chairs + Navy Blue Velvet Couch + Bright Bold Accent Colors

Blue Velvet Couch With White Living Room

Source: Home Polish

Navy Blue Couch + White Rug + White Accents

Blue Velvet Sofa With Gallery Wall

Source: Apartment Therapy

Royal Blue Velvet Couch + Eclectic Colorful Accents

Blue Velvet Mid Century Modern Couch

Source: New Darlings

Mid Century Modern Blue Velvet Couch + Cottage Plaid Accent Chairs + White and Blue Rug

Light Teal Blue Velvet Sofa

Source: Anthropologie

Minimalist Modern Velvet Sofa + White Marble Coffee Table With Gold Legs

Jean Blue Velvet Sectional

Source: Jess Ann Kirby

Jean Blue Velvet Couch + Plant Accents

Modern Luxury Tufted Blue Velvet Sofa

Source: Domino

Modern Tufted Blue Velvet Sofa + Mid Century Bulb Chandelier + Rustic Coffee Table

Blue Velvet Sofa in California Beach Style Living Room

Source: Arielle Vey  Instagram: @ariellevey

California Beach Living Room Decor + Mid Century Modern White and Brown Chairs

Blue Velvet Couch in Glam Living Room

Source: The Every Girl

Bright Blue Velvet Couch + Glass Coffee Table + Gold Pouf + Abstract Wall Art

While these stunning couches can seem intimidating to design around, they really don’t take much to dress up. They’re solid pieces on their own and look great with just about anything.

Stores That Sell Blue Velvet Couches

With so many options, finding the perfect velvet couch can be difficult. My personal favorite from this list is definitely Article. They have a great selection of velvet blue couches in different styles like mid-century modern, modern, and Scandinavian. If you’re feeling open-minded, I highly recommend checking out all the colors from their Sven Sofa collection. Choices for this collection include royal blue, Pacific blue, and green.


If you’re on the hunt for the quintessential mid-century modern look, West Elm is a good option.

West Elm

Houzz is a budget-friendly resource for blue velvet-colored sofas. They have a wide range of styles for those of you who don’t want mid-century modern.


Want something that looks expensive? Anthropologie definitely has a worldly, luxurious appeal to its sofas.


If you weren’t able to find what you wanted from Houzz on a budget, check out Wayfair. They have a broad range of styles at very affordable prices.


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