8 Clever Desk Organization Ideas for Your Office

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Desk Organization Ideas

Desk Organization Ideas for Your Work Space

Creating the perfect work space is important to ensure your productivity, especially if you work at home. By designing a well organized desk, you’ll have an easier time retrieving items and putting them away. These desk organization ideas are a great way to get started on your office organization journey. Good luck!

DIY Built-in Drawer Organizer for Desk Organization

DIY Built in Drawer Dividers for desk organization

Ditch the clutter and create an organized space by building your own drawer dividers. By having a sturdy material between your supplies, you won’t have to worry about things shifting when you close the drawer.

Washi Tape Cord Labels

Washi Tape Cord Labels

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried unplugging one electronic and ended up playing a guessing game. The thing you need to unplug always somehow ends up being the last thing I try unplugging too! By using washi tape labels, you can be at ease knowing you’re unplugging the right electronic on the first try. Definitely one of my favorite desk organization ideas!

Desk Organization Ideas for Paper

Color Coded Filing Cabinets

Although we are in the digital age, papers are still very much a thing. Improve your paper organization by color coding your folders. It’s one of the easiest ways to sort paperwork.

Up-Cycled Dip Containers

Up-Cycled Dip Containers Used for Organizing

In case you recently made an order for pizza, don’t throw away those dip containers! Instead, up-cycle dip containers from your feast in order to store small office supplies like pins, clips and batteries.

Decorative Organization Boxes

Box Organizing

My mom has always has a bunch of adorable storage boxes laying around. These are perfect for configuring sections of your desk drawers to store various items. In case you don’t have decorative boxes, try cereal boxes for this desk organization hack.

Family Charging Station

DIY Cell Phone Charging Station

There have been many times I’ve brought my cell phone to my desk, just to die in spite of having outlets around. By creating a designated space for cell phone charging, everyone can reliably find their phone charged when they need it. Let Driven by Decor teach you how to create a DIY Family charging station to place on your desk.

Clear Organization Containers

Clear Desk Organizer

Sometimes our supplies consist of items that are prone to leak. If you use highlighters or any sort of liquid based office supply, try an easy to clean clear organizer. They’re leak proof and very nice to look at!

Want more artist friendly organization ideas? Check out my favorite craft room organization hacks.

Tackle Box Organizer

Tackle Box Organizer

Haven’t been fishing in a while? Put your old tackle box to use with a DIY organizer. They’re portable and convenient for anyone who wants to take some office supplies on the go.

Now that you’ve been armed with these awesome tips and tricks, you can be the ultimate desk organizer you’ve dreamed of. So get started on organizing your drawers and freeing up desk space!

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