Sven Sofa Review: Why We’re Loving Our Article

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Find out why we’re loving our new Sven Sofa Pacific Blue from Article!

Article Sven Sofa Review

Is Article Furniture Good Quality?

Finding quality furniture can be tough if you don’t know where to look. I can’t even tell you how many pieces we’ve thrown away each time we moved because they’d fallen apart.

As we’re getting older, we are looking for furniture that’ll last decades. We want it to last long enough that it can be passed down to our children. With that in mind, we decided to check out Article.

After reading countless reviews, I knew there was something special about the Article Sven sofa. Seriously, the reviews are RAVING about how beautiful and sturdy their mid-century modern furniture is. The best part is that it is only $1,299-way cheaper than other comparable sofas.

After receiving my Pacific Blue Sven, I could tell right off the bat that Article furniture quality was up there with the best. The next big question was if it’d withstand a hyper German Shepherd and a claw happy kitty.

Pet-Friendly Velvet

I did have my concerns about the velvet material, especially since everyone recommends the tan leather sofa by Article if you have pets. As gorgeous as their leather sofa is, I wanted the bold blue and velvet texture.

After about a month of use, I can safely say that this couch is dog and cat-friendly. While fur does stick to it, it vacuums up within a reasonable amount of time. The velvet is of such high quality that my cat doesn’t even bother trying to scratch it.

The only heads up necessary is that drool will show up, but it wipes right off. So nothing too involved is required for maintaining the velvet.

Our Experience Over the Past Month

After sitting and sleeping on this couch for a month, I have to say it’s the best couch I’ve ever owned. The Sven sofa is large enough to accommodate either four adults or two adults, a German Shepherd and a large cat.

It’s deep enough that you can sit criss-cross on it comfortably and wide enough to sleep without bending your legs. My husband is about 6 ft 1 and he can lay down on this couch with some room to spare.

My husband did spill on the couch a few times (oops!), but it wiped right off. The instructions do say the couch is dry clean only, but I’ll have to update you guys when I try it.

As for the cushions, they maintain their shape so well! Even with my cat constantly trying to flatten the back cushions by sleeping on them, they puff right back up.

Styles & Shipping

In case you were wondering, there are plenty of options for this couch! There’s a version with a sectional and TONS of colors/materials to choose from. Whether you love leather, velvet or fabric, you’re going to adore whichever you choose.

As of February 2019, Article offers free ground shipping on orders over $999. This means you get free shipping if you order the Sven sofa.

If you opt for one of their pieces under $999, Article has a flat shipping fee of only $49 (or $19 for small shipments). For those of you who don’t like setting up furniture, there are upgrades for in-room delivery and assembly.

Article Sven Sofa Pacific Blue

Risk-Free Shopping

One of the best parts about shopping with Article is their 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You can try their furniture for thirty days and if you are not completely happy, you can send it back.

Article will pick up the furniture and provide a refund, minus the delivery and pickup charges. In most cases, the charges are about $49.

Pacific Blue Article Sven Sofa

Owning this gorgeous statement piece has been such a treat for the past month or so. I can tell we’ll be taking the Article Sven sofa wherever we go for a very long time.

One Year Update on the Sven Sofa Pacific Blue

Now that we’ve owned this beautiful sofa for around a year, it’s time to let you in on the things we have noticed and what we’d have done differently! As you know, we went for the velvet for the bold color and texture. While it still isn’t too much work to vacuum fur off this couch, if I could go back I’d have picked the Sven Charme Tan Sectional Sofa or one of their other leather couches.

As far as the overall couch quality, it’s still amazing. Even with my crazy dog jumping on and off the couch every day, it feels the same as when we first got it. The seat cushion, as well as the back cushions, remain fluffy and attractive. I’m really happy with this couch and will continue to purchase my furniture from Article.

If you have any questions that weren’t answered in the post, I encourage you to reach out to me.

This Article Sven Sofa Pacific Blue Review was made in partnership with Article. As always, all opinions are our own. : )

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  1. Just wondering why you would have changed to the leather. I’m considering the Pacific Blue Sven Sofa right now, so I’m reading your review. I want that lush velvet, and am interested in adding a bold color with pink accents. Right now my living room is neutral, with pink accents. I tend to get tired of color, but I thought this sofa might go with many colors, pink, orange, etc. Is it do to the versitility of the color? Or that it is easier with pets? I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Would love to hear your response.


    • Hello Maria!

      Thanks for reaching out. : )

      As far as comfort goes, I do think the velvet sofa is really smooth and soft to the touch. The color is incredible too. It’s vivid enough to add some life to a room but also a good shade for pairing with a variety of colors. So when it comes to versatility, the blue is pretty good.

      With the leather, you’ll get even more color versatility and it’ll be even easier to switch things out on the fly. The main reason I’d switch to the leather has to do with my cat and dog fur. While the velvet couch is high quality and easier to clean than most velvets I’ve encountered, I like easy to clean furniture. If you were to ask me about carpet vs hard flooring, I’d pick hard flooring with a washable rug every single time.

      I recently bought a lily brush, and after all this time owning the couch, I’ve only vacuumed it to get the pet fur and other mess out. Using the lily brush took a lot more time than I had anticipated and the amount of fur that was stuck was a bit overwhelming. Between the cat and dog fur, I have to say the issue is with the very fine cat furs. My German Shepherd’s fur is pretty coarse so it comes out easily.

      I think it’s also important that I share the struggle with dog drool. It will show up on the couch. It can be wiped off but you’ll want to clean it right away because it does look obvious.

      Overall, if you like your home spotless, the velvet might end up being a lot of work. If you don’t mind some fur, you can get away with cleaning it thoroughly once a week. Since I’m the main cleaner in my household, I try to minimize my workload as much as possible. Haha. 😛 I do believe the leather is absolutely gorgeous though and I’ve noticed the most people showing off that version of this couch.

      I hope this helped. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to share my experiences!

      Stay safe and take care. <3

    • Almost forgot-during the times I know I won’t have a lot of time to clean, I place a couch cover on the velvet sofa to keep it nice. I’ll provide a link to the one I personally use.

      Couch Cover

  2. I’m also struggling between the leather and the pacific blue, but I think I’m going with the blue because I just don’t see how to style the tan leather with bright colors. Every picture I see of rooms with the tan Sven shows neutrals, not colors.

    • Hi Emily!

      Thanks for reaching out. 🙂

      So I have found that the seat cushion does sag over time. The back cushions have been fine though.

      I am thinking of stuffing the bottom to give it more support. I’m okay with doing this because I haven’t found a couch yet that doesn’t sag.

      I hope this helps!

    • Hi Jenn!

      The couch has a relaxed appearance, so the photos represent how they typically look.

      I recommend checking out their other couches if you prefer a firm, supportive sofa. : )

      Since I have owned this couch for some time, I got new cushions and couch covers.

      I got high-density foam from Galaxy Foam in Las Vegas; it’s excellent quality and affordable.

      My new washable/removable couch covers are from Comfort Works, which are also wonderful. It’s as if I have a new couch!

      I decided to hold onto the Sven couch as it is pretty sturdy! Now that I have high-density foam for the back and seat cushions, I expect this setup to hold up for at least five more years.

      Thanks for reaching out. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


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