9 Majestic Waterfalls You Need to See to Believe

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The sound of water flowing has always been one of my favorite things to listen to. This is why, whenever I plan to travel, I often search for places with the best water features to explore. From snorkeling to kayaking, there are so many fun things to do while experiencing new places. If you are looking to go somewhere where you can just sit back and enjoy something as beautiful as it sounds, try visiting one of these breathtaking waterfalls. You won’t be disappointed!

Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen falls is a waterfall located in the state of New York and is thought to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The falls were named after a former mayor who encouraged its development as a tourist attraction.

It has been used as a location for various movies such as The Last of the Mohicans, Edward Scissorhands, Ghostbusters II, and Mission Impossible II.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is known for its natural features, one of which is its waterfalls. There are not many waterfalls in the park, but five are designated as “waterfall gems.” These include Firehole Falls, Turquoise Pool Falls, Grand Prismatic Falls, Silver Cord Cascade, and Nymph Cascade.

Tumalo Falls

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world is Tumalo Falls. It is located in Oregon, United States and it is the tallest waterfall in Deschutes County. The falls are also known for their colors which change throughout the day depending on what type of rocks are nearby.

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls is the tallest waterfall in Oregon and is located on the Columbia River Gorge in Multnomah County. The falls are located at the border of the Willamette National Forest and close to Portland.

The falls became a tourist attraction when in 1902, Dr. H.B. Lavey built a wooden bridge over Eagle Creek near the falls that allowed visitors to venture closer to it for easier access. It was around that time that Multnomah Falls was being used for romantic getaways, honeymooning, and family vacations.

Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is unique in that it is part of the Arizona state park, Havasupai. The falls are definitely one of the most beautiful waterfalls to visit. It’s located far away from any major city so you are likely to have this place all to yourself. The only way to get there is by taking a helicopter or an air taxi. If you go during winter, then you can enjoy seeing water boiling over the falls because of all the snow melting off them at the same time.

Millaa Millaa Falls

This waterfall was discovered by Frank Tate in 1885. The falls are located in the Gulf Country which is near the Queensland border. This is one of the few waterfalls that have not been named by Aboriginal people. The falls are about 1km long and only 8m high.

Waterfall of the Gods

The waterfall is also known as Gullfoss. The falls are noted for their powerful currents and a large quantity of water. There are many other places to visit in the area, such as Geysir and Thingvellir National Park. Popular activities include horseback riding, walking tours, and taking photos of the area’s natural beauty.

Myrtle Falls

Pictures like this are the reason I want to move to Washington. Can you imagine having access to this all the time? Seriously, go to Mt. Rainier National Park if you want the experience of your life!

Myrtle Falls is a waterfall located in the state of Washington. It is within the Ross Lake National Recreation Area. The falls are named after Alfred W. Myrtle, who was one of the first homesteaders in the area and built an inn and other buildings on top of it. The falls were also the site of a logging camp that operated from 1912 to 1931.

Waterfall Beach

This waterfall located at Waterfall Beach, Australia will surely get you packing your bags!

Australia has plenty of nice beaches, but not all have waterfall access. This is one of the best options for those with a fear of deep water. You can swim at any depth that suits you with no sharks or anything to worry about.

You also don’t need to be strong enough to swim far out into the water to reach it. Instead, you’ll be able to sit on the edge and dip your feet in with the waves crashing against your legs. It’s like dipping your feet in fresh ocean water without ever really getting wet!

There are so many amazing places in the world that will remind you how beautiful living truly is. I really hope to visit all these places in my lifetime. Which one is your favorite?

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