8 Majestic Waterfalls You Need to See to Believe

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9 breathing taking waterfall to visit

The sound of water flowing has always been one of my favorite things to listen to. This is why, whenever I plan to travel, I often search for places with the best water features to explore. From snorkeling to kayaking, there are so many fun things to do while experiencing new places. If you are looking to go somewhere where you can just sit back and enjoy something as beautiful as it sounds, try visiting one of these breathtaking waterfalls. You won’t be disappointed!

Watkins Glen
Watkins Gen waterfall is seriously one of the most gorgeous waterfalls I have ever seen!
Found From Trip Advisor

This incredible waterfall can be found in upstate New York for all of your water loving needs. Visitors recommend visiting in the early hours as it can get pretty crowded late in the day.

Lotus Blossom
Lotus Blossom Waterfall, located in Bali, Indonesia, has to be one of the most gorgeous things to see in your lifetime.
Found From Amazing Travels

Lotus Blossom Waterfall can be found in Bali, Indonesia. Is it just me or does the water here look so good it is almost unreal?


Yellowstone National Park
This Yellowstone National Park waterfall is honestly breathtaking, yet terrifying to me!
Found From Ninbra

If you are looking for a waterfall that is stunning, but also kind of gives you the urge to run away in terror, you came to the right place! Seriously, can you imagine being at the bottom of this looking up?

Tumalo Falls
Tumalo Falls is definitely somewhere I would love to go in my life. It's so gorgeous!
Found From The Crazy Tourist

This beautiful waterfall can be found in the Deschutes National Forest, located in Oregon. The Crazy Tourist recommends checking out a picnic area which is nearby the waterfall to enjoy a nice meal and take a little rest.

Millaa Millaa Falls
Millaa Millaa Falls, located in Queensland, Australia, is somewhere you really need to add to your bucket list!
Found From Modrenvilla

This is definitely one of the more peaceful looking waterfalls on the list. If you are looking to visit this one, you’re headed straight for Queensland, Australia!

Waterfall of the Gods
Waterfall of the Gods is definitely a fitting name for the majestic waterfall that can be found in Iceland!
Found From Fluffy Hero

There is something so mysterious about this Iceland waterfall; Waterfall of the Gods is a very fitting name!

Myrtle Falls
Myrtle Falls, located at Mt. Rainier National Park is one of the most amazing waterfalls you could ever imagine.
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Pictures like this are the reason I want to move to Washington. Can you imagine having access to this all the time? Seriously, go to Mt. Rainier National Park if you want the experience of your life!

Waterfall Beach
Waterfall Beach, Australia is the place to go if you are looking for an excuse to visit Australia.
Found From All Women Talk

This waterfall located at Waterfall Beach, Australia will surely get you packing your bags!

There are so many amazing places in the world that will remind you how beautiful living truly is. I really hope to visit all these places in my lifetime. Which one is your favorite?


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