9 Breathtaking DIY Counter Tops That’ll Blow Your Mind

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9 Breathtaking DIY Counter Tops That'll Blow Your Mind

Changing your counter tops, especially in your kitchen, is one of the best ways to make a dramatic difference in the aesthetic of your home. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive renovations and may also require that you buy new appliances as well. The good news is that there are ways to update your counters yourself, paying only a fraction of the cost. So if you’re on a budget or just enjoy putting the work into your home, you’re going to love these beautiful DIY counter tops.

1. Chalkboard Counters

DIY Chalkboard Counter Tops
Source: March Orchard

If you love an authentic cozy farmhouse look, you’re going to dig these chalkboard counters. They even add some extra functionality by allowing you to write on them. Perfect for grocery lists and reminders!

2. White Concrete

DIY White Concrete Counter Tops
Source: Chris Loves Julia

If you love the clean look of concrete counters but don’t dig the industrial gray look, try opting for white instead. This will give you a lot more flexibility in the design for the rest of your kitchen.

3. Plywood Waterfall Counters

Waterfall Plywood Counter Tops
Source: Vintage Revivals

Can you believe this only costs $90 to DIY? Mix and match woods for added interest to your look.

4. Warm Farmhouse Wood Counter Tops

Warm Farmhouse Wood Counter Tops DIY
Source: This and That

If you prefer a warmer toned wood, you’ll want to consider this clean and smooth wood counter. Pair it with an over-sized farmhouse sink to complete the look.

5. Granite

DIY Granite Counters
Source: DIY Network

Granite is a great choice for those who like neutral and safer design choices. It matches well with most cabinetry and is durable enough to withstand harsh treatment. The best part though, is that it hides small messes effectively.

6. Epoxy White Marble Counters

Epoxy White Marble Counter Tops DIY
Source: Raising a Farmhouse

Now this is a DIY that actually made my jaw drop. Can you believe this isn’t real marble? I’ve always been afraid of white marble as its upkeep is expensive and intimidating. This seems like the perfect alternative though!

7. Faux Marble Counters

DIY Faux Marble Counters
Source: Earnest Home

Here is another great example of faux white marble done right. White is an excellent choice for brightening up rooms as it helps reflect light rather than absorbing it.

8. Tiled Counters

DIY Tile Counters
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Just when you thought tiled counters were way too old school, A Beautiful Mess shows you how to do it right. If most of your design is minimalist and you’re in need of some pattern to add some interest, this is a great way to do it.

9. Concrete Counter Top Overlay

DIY Concrete Counter Overlay
Source: Home Talk

Don’t want to change the whole counter top? This DIY from Home Talk will show you the way to gorgeous counters by only using an overlay.

With the kitchen being one of the most used homes in the house, it’s important to put a little love into it. By using one of these awesome DIY methods, you’re bound to gain a gorgeous kitchen that’s perfect for many future parties!

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