8 Ways to Flavor Your Kombucha Drinks

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Delicious kombucha recipes
What is Kombucha Tea?

Since kombucha tea is something that a lot of people have not heard of before, I will give you the quick run down before getting started on some delicious recipes. As you guessed, it is a tea, but more specifically a black tea with sugar. It is sweetened with SCOBY, which is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, to make a very nutritious drink! The whole process takes about 7-12 days and by the end of it, the SCOBY has eaten over 90% of the sugar leaving you with a low sugar beverage.

This chai kombucha tea looks so tasty! I love chai tea already so this will be a great addition to my drink rotation!
Found From Nourishing Joy

The trick with these drinks really is time. No worries about it being too complicated as there are only 4 ingredients in this one! Just let time pass by and you will surely be rewarded for it! Plus, I know some of you are huge chai enthusiasts like me. You’re welcome!

Lemon Strawberry

If you’re into fruity flavor profiles during those hot summer months, this  is definitely a contender for you then!

Ginger Peach
This ginger peach kombucha sangria recipe sounds so good! I am trying it out ASAP!
Found From Little Bits Of

This one is great for parties if you know a bunch of people who are into sangria. My mom sure is so maybe I will be trying this one out for here pretty soon.

Mixed Berry

This is a classic flavor that is a safe bet if you are trying to please some picky drinkers!

Matcha Ginger Fizz
This matcha ginger kombucha fizz drink sounds so refreshing for the summer time!
Found From How Sweet Eats

I have been really into matcha for the past couple of years so I am truly excited over this. The added lime will also help you absorb all of the health benefits matcha has to offer, so don’t forget it!

Cranberry Vanilla
This cranberry vanilla kombucha recipe sounds great for a refreshing drink all year round!
Found From Holly Skodis

While I think this would work any time of year, I really see it as being a holiday drink. There is something really comforting about the idea of cranberry and vanilla.

This mojito kombucha recipe sounds soo good!
Found From Holly Skodis

While this is pictured in a sports bottle type container, look at that color! I am sure there are plenty of creative ways we can dress this drink up.

This peach kombucha recipe sounds like it'd be a delicious treat for a spring or summer party!
Found From Thank Your Body

If you like simple, one flavor drinks, this is for you. I am personally a huge fan of peach flavors so this sounds so juicy and wonderful!

Kombucha is definitely rising in popularity so if you are curious of what all the fuss is about, be sure to try out some of these recipes. There are so many creative ways to flavor your kombucha but don’t feel like you have to! There are definitely more standard and true to the original recipes out there. So find what you like and own it!

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