8 Edible Herbs That You Can Grow in Your Home

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Indoor Gardening

Whether you are trying to grow an indoor garden to have fresher herbs or to save money, you’re wondering what you should grow and what you can actually do with these plants. Fortunately, plants have so many purposes and are very beneficial to your health. So if you find yourself not sure where to start, I’ve got some ideas for edible herbs for you!


Chives Gardening

Chives are best eaten raw and I recommend pairing them with a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel! Mm! If you’re vegan, try vegan cream cheese and freshly sliced onions.


Mint for Indoor Gardening

You’ll love adding mint to your tea to aid with digestion as well as yogurts with fruit.


Parsley Edible Garden

Parsley works great with sandwiches and sauces.


Basil for Indoor Gardens

Basil works wonderfully in sauces, dressings and breads. When growing basil, be sure to place its pot near a window that gets plenty of sunlight. This herb loves light!


Cilantro for Indoor Gardening

If you’re not vegan, I recommend adding some cilantro to your sour cream. However, if you prefer dairy-free, be sure to try it on your rice!


Lemongrass Gardening

Lemongrass has many edible uses from curries to soups and even tea!


Rosemary Indoor Gardens

When cooking, pair rosemary with lemon or garlic. My favorite uses are for hair and skin DIYs. If you’re feeling a little experimental, try adding some to your shampoo bottle to add shine to your hair!


Bay Leaves for Indoor Gardening

This herb likes its personal space, so make sure it has plenty of room around it. : )

Even if you struggle when it comes to getting outside for gardening, there are still ways for you to grow herbs practical for your cooking and well-being. Once indoor gardening becomes routine, you’ll find yourself actually saving yourself some time and stress when it comes to seasoning your food!

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