8 DIY Dog Food Recipes Your Fur Baby Will Absolutely Love

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A good DIY dog food recipe will be a healthier and more nutritious meal option for your pup.  Mass produced, processed dog food can be difficult to break down when you read the labels.  So homemade solutions are where it is at when it comes to knowing what your dog is eating.

DIY dog food recipe your puppy will love

DIY Dog Food Recipe

I created this post because picking nutritious dog food at the pet store is pretty difficult. Not only are there brands out there who have misleading information about ingredients, many do not even bother to put wholesome ingredients in their food in the first place. While it may take more time to make your pet’s food, it may be very worth it. So, here are some wonderful DIY dog food recipe ideas for you to try out!  If it’s DIY dog treats you are looking for, then have a look at these!

Turkey & Veggies
This slow cooker DIY dog food will definitely have your doggie wanting more! This wonderful blogger includes a breakdown of the nutritional requirements of dog food and provides a nourishing recipe too!
Found From Damn Delicious

As it should be, this DIY dog food recipe actually looks appetizing!

Kidney Beans, Peas, Carrots
This dog food DIY crock pot recipe is super easy to make! Your dog will love it!
Found From Damn Delicious

It is so nice knowing the the food I give to my pets is something I wouldn’t be afraid to eat myself.

Scooby Stew
This organic dog food stew is definitely going to be a favorite for your doggies!
Found From Happy and Yummy

I absolutely adore the name of this DIY dog food recipe! Look how happy those pups are too!

Affordable DIY
This homemade dog food is surely going to be a treat for your doggie!
Found From Yes we Coupon

This DIY dog food recipe actually looks similar to the fried rice I make for myself and my boyfriend sometimes. Awesome!

Simple Recipe
This DIY slow cooker dog food recipe is so AWESOME!
Found From Life in Pearls and Sports Bras

I love a DIY dog food recipe that allows you to just set and forget in the slow cooker. While it may take some time to prepare, you can do whatever you’d like instead of slaving at a stove!

Vegan and Gluten-Free
This vegan dog food recipe is one your dog will surely LOVE!
Found From Vegannie

If you are looking for a vegan and gluten-free option, then you’ve found the right DIY dog food recipe here!

12 Servings
This dog food DIY recipe is super easy and affordable!
Found From 12 Tomatoes

This looks so delicious! I love all the ingredients incorporated into this dish!

Chicken & Rice
This DIY dog food recipe is going to make your doggie FALL IN LOVE!
Found From Alisha Homesteading

It is such a great idea for this blogger to perfectly portion the meals and make them ahead of time. Minimal effort!

If you want some delicious healthy options for your pup, look no further! No more feeling insecure about the brands you buy at the store because you will know exactly what is in the food you are serving your fur babies. Let me know about your favorite recipes in the comments!

Looking for some delicious treats to go with your homemade dog food? Check out these healthy pumpkin dog treat recipe ideas from The Woof Post.

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  1. Hi there when i kook for my dog is there are there any special vitamins or oils i must add.or is just stiring in a little coconut ok with each meal.

  2. If you look you can find different supplmemts to add tp your fur babies food when i switched there diet I talk tp there vet and also did alot of research to find the right nutrition to male sure my kiddoes where getting what they needed! I hope this helps

  3. Question here,
    When I use to feed kibble they say when changing foods to slowly introduce the new food, would you believe this is similar when now feeding the real foods ,…? human food.
    Example Say if I had rice veggie and chicken and wanted to switch to salmon and sweet potatoes. Should the instant chnage upset they tiny tummies …? Wondering your thoughts … ? Thanks so much


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