7 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress For a Better Day

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Everyone deals with stress at one time or another.  Maybe you carry it in your shoulders, or maybe you get chronic headaches.  Stress is unavoidable at times, but thankfully we have easy ways of coping that help to reduce stress.  The next time you feel even a little overwhelmed, try out these tips.


Sometimes stress can creep up on you if you are the kind of person to bottle things up or brush away negative feelings. It is kind of a toss-up; if you are lucky the emotional problem will go away, but there are certain issues that stick with you until you confront them. When it comes to writing, there are two healthy methods of relieving stress. The first one is to write whatever comes to mind as it can be a good distraction. The other is to write out your problems to yourself and try to understand why you feel certain ways. Once you find out why you are reacting in a certain manner, it is easier to solve the problem.

Drink Tea

Drinking tea can be a great way to relax at the end of the day, or even throughout the day. If you are able to, set aside some time to just have a cup of warm tea and look outside the window.

Light Some Candles

This one, as well as the drinking tea tip, can be done in combination with other activities such as writing and reading. Treat yourself a little bit and light your favorite scent and you are sure to enjoy the moment a bit more.  If you prefer to use essential oils, then read my recommendations for quality brands.

Read a Book

One of my favorite ways to enjoy a quiet day to myself is by reading. It can be helpful to get lost in a book for a couple of hours and reduce stress in the process.  Then you return to reality with a newfound energy.


The power of the color green should not be understated. Keeping the color green in your vision, especially from plants, can provide you with a boost of concentration and energy. Plants are always a good addition to an office or any area of your home where you tend to get drowsy.


No need to join a fancy yoga studio for this one! All this takes is a floor and your own body. Stop what you are doing and meditate once in a while. Studies show it does reduce stress.

Put away Your Cell Phone

Cell phones can be addicting in spite of adding a significant amount of stress to our lives. If you can, turn off your cell phone for a couple of hours and just take part in something you enjoy.

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