7 Creative Watercolor Tattoos Made to Showcase Your Elegance

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Personally, I am an avid fan of most things watercolor, or pastel. If you have seen some of my other posts, then you’ve probably noticed this. Regardless of whether you’re as obsessed as I am, I hope you enjoy this compilation of gorgeous and inspiring watercolor tattoos!

watercolor tattoos

Some of these floral designs are absolutely breathtaking, so have a look and tell me what are your favorites.  If you like flowers, then have a look at these genius guides to making stunning bouquets.

7 Watercolor Tattoos That Creatively Showcase Your Elegance

Roses For Your Feet
Found From Design You Trust

The attention to detail in this tattoo is absolutely breathtaking-but damn! This must have hurt! I wonder how long it took to get this completed.

Blue and Orange Tree
Found From Tattoos Mob

I love how well the shape of this tree works with the shape of her body.  I also find the colors stunning, because of the way they play off of each other.

Pretty and Pink Abdomen Art
Found From Luv That

I adore this tattoo and how it perfectly fades in and out in the right places. However, I am not sure if I would go that low though!

Blue & Green Flowers For Your Forearms
Found From Stay Glam

For the longest time, I have wanted a solid forearm tattoo, so this one is super inspiring for me. To make things better, these are the colors I generally wear already! So, no worries about mismatching!

The Cherry Blossom
Found From Tattoo Blend

What makes this one so special is its simplicity. I don’t know what it is with me but I enjoy either huge or tiny tattoos. There is no middle ground!

 A Little Lavender
Found From Brit

Along with a forearm tattoo, I have been wanting a great ankle tattoo. Also, there I go again with the blue/lavender and green combo! I can’t help it, guys!

Soft Pink Flowers
Found From For Creative Juice

I am convinced I’ve saved the best for last. Look at this…I mean seriously, look at this! It’s breathtaking! I’m tempted to just get the same one!

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