6 Incredibly Easy Ways to Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

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6 ways to purify indoor air

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All of us at some point have to clean. Whether it is once a week or everyday, it is pretty impossible to properly clean the air in our home unless we have the right tools and do the right things. Think about it, we bring in so much from the outdoors, shed our skin everywhere (pets too!), and just let it get concentrated in our home. That is why it is so important to take the necessary steps to keep our indoor air as clean as possible. Here are some things you can do to keep the air quality of your home at its best, and even smelling quite nice!

Open Your Windows

These tips for cleaning your indoor air are the best!

The cheapest way to clean your indoor air is to just crack open a window or two. It’s also pretty easy too! Just make sure that if you have any pets that they are secure and won’t hop out. For best results, do this a couple times a week for maybe an hour or two.

As an additional tip, make sure that you open your windows when you are cooking as gas stoves can produce unsafe levels of nitrogen dioxide. To avoid mold, open your bathroom door and windows when you shower as well.

Air Purifying Plants
Spider Plant From Amazon

This is one of my favorite ways to clean the air in my home as the results are so quick! Certain plants are better for cleaning your air than others and each plant does different things. My favorite is the spider plant as it is super easy to take care of (I don’t have a green thumb at all!) and looks really nice. As a bonus, it is safe in case you have any pets who like to chomp down on your house plants.

I make sure to keep one of these in each room and the difference is night and day. The first time I brought just one into my home, it smelled completely different when I woke up the next day.

Salt Lamps
Salt Lamp From Amazon

Salt lamps are a really stylish way to clean the air in your home. They give off the most gorgeous amber glow while grabbing water particles in your air, cleaning and then releasing them. If you want to make this lamp more effective, reviewers recommend replacing the bulb with a stronger 15 or 25 watt.

Natural Cleaning Products
Tub & Tile Cleaner From The Grove

If you sometimes have breathing problems like me, such as asthma, using green cleaning products will definitely be helpful. Before switching to plant based alternatives I had to use an inhaler to keep my wheezing away but I have not had one problem in the past couples months with these products.

The company I buy from is called The Grove and so far I’ve had really good experiences. The customer service is the best and each item you order is expertly packaged and shipped quickly. The prices are amazing so each time I run out of something, I can easily get it within 2 or so days without hurting my wallet. As a bonus, they have awesome promotions for new customers. If you go through my referral link here, you will get $10 free! Enjoy!

Air Purifier
Air Purifier from Amazon

Air purifiers are super easy to use as all you need to do is plug it in, turn it on, and replace the filter when the light indicator tells you to. I recommend to use a filter that has a HEPA filter as it will capture over 99% of dust and allergens such as household dust, mold spores, pet dander, and plant pollen. No need to do anything extra, just set and leave.

Clean Air Conditioner

Clean indoor air

Make sure to routinely clean your air conditioner filter as lots of junk can get stuck in there and will end up circulating around your home!

Just by using any of these tips you can significantly improve the air quality of your home. For best results use all of them (I do!). What do you do to keep your home’s air clean? Let me know your tips and tricks in the comments!

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