6 Unexpected Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood in Prefab Homes

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Reclaimed wood has found itself in the hearts of many who are looking to add some warmth and character to their homes.  We have several helpful ideas on just how to do that for autumn, here. However, there are more benefits to using the material than just its stylish appearance. Today, we have Anna from TerraMai to teach us all about these unexpected benefits of using reclaimed wood.  And if you want more decor ideas for your porch this fall, then have a look at these.

Reclaimed Wood in Prefab Homes

Prefab Homes Are Gaining Popularity

Modular, or Prefab homes are becoming popular nowadays courtesy of the prefabrication technology that helps you build a house within a few days. Because of this, reclaimed wood is becoming a great building material for modular homes. It has quickly gained popularity with top designers and architects, and soon it will grace all commercial buildings around the world

The history of prefab homes goes back to at least the early 20th century. How time flies. Prefabricated houses are more than one century old. The size of these homes has changed, and several customization options are available. Various construction methods have been readapted to meet the specific needs of the homeowner.

The reclaiming of wood started way back in the twentieth century and the methods used have been changing over time. This article will give information about the history of recycled wood and how it has affected the contemporary design and architecture.

Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood When Building Prefab Homes

Reclaimed Wood for Homes

It Helps to Construct Sustainable Homes

Many designers and architects will always prioritize the sustainability of the homes they build. They type of building materials you use will influence the durability of your project.

Designers are choosing to use recycled wood because it is the most sustainable green building material available. The fact that no tree is cut helps to conserve the environment while saving on the energy costs. Moreover, it is the most cost-effective building material for homes.


Provides Wellness and Health Advantages

Scientists have found out that there is a direct relationship between improved health and recycled wood. Wood is known to be the best stress-reduction tool by lowering the heart rates. It also helps to promote the mental and emotional well-being of people. It optimizes collaboration and productivity in the workplace.


Enhances Performance

In commercial settings, enhancing performance implies that you optimize the workplace design and create the best conditions for your workers to achieve their potential. Wood creates a pleasant atmosphere by improving the quality of air, which in turn helps to sharpen focus.


Achieves Aesthetic Architectural Goals

In every construction project, architects and designers want to accomplish specific aesthetic objectives. These objectives will depend on how space looks and the architectural ideas. Reclaimed wood helps designers and architects to achieve these goals effortlessly.


Longevity and Durability

Designers and architects strongly recommend the use of recycled wood in the construction of prefab homes because of their durability. They can enjoy the advantages of old timber without cutting down indigenous trees. It can be used for heavy duty tasks without tearing or breaking down.


It Acts as a Trailblazer

Reclaimed wood embodies the importance of craftsmanship and brings authenticity closer to people in simpler terms. While it was initially seen as a popularity niche product, it has become a must-have building material for prefab homes.

It was first used to construct coffee restaurants and shops to create an artistic impression. Slowly, it is being used to build hospitals, government offices, and commercial buildings.

Reclaimed wood is the best green building material for the construction of prefabricated homes because of its scientifically-backed benefits and sustainable nature. If you want to know more about modular homes and reclaiming of wood, then kindly visit this website https://www.terramai.com/blog/reclaimed-wood-story/ for more information.


Gorgeous Homes Which Use Reclaimed Wood

Whether you are looking to get a prefab home which uses reclaimed wood or incorporate it into an existing home, here are some stunning examples of reclaimed wood at its best.

Ultimate Reclaimed Wood Tiny House

Tiny Home Made of Reclaimed Wood
Source: Inhabitat

This tiny house uses almost entirely reclaimed wood from its floors to its counter tops and walls.

The Tiny Barn House

Tiny Farmhouse Made of Reclaimed Barn Wood
Source: Reclaimed Space

Even if you prefer modern design, reclaimed wood can work for you as it is very versatile!

Salvaged Wood Cabin

Salvaged Wood Cabin in Montana
Source: RMT Architects

Like that cozy in the woods type of feeling? Then let the reclaimed wood’s natural beauty shine through in your remote home.

There are many applications for reclaimed wood and it’s hard to choose just one. Even by using a little in your design helps a good cause and your guests will love the look of it too!

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