6 Romantic Vacation Destinations For Adventurous Couples-United States Edition

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Traveling with your special someone to new vacation destinations can be one of the best opportunities to connect in ways you’d never believe. There are so many conversations to be had when you can stray from the ordinary tasks everyday life. Believe me, some of the best memories of my life have been when I vacationed with my partner. Without further ado, here are some breathtaking couples vacation destinations to travel to for ¬†your next romantic getaway.

Awesome Couples Vacation Destinations in the US

San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

If you’re the type that likes to walk around downtown areas, then San Diego has a fantastic historical neighborhood. It’s full of fun things to do. If you are hurting for time, then this is one of the great vacation destinations to visit. The city isn’t overwhelming and there are nearby attractions such as the world famous San Diego Zoo. I went here about two years ago around Christmas time, and boy, it was heavenly.

Make sure to check out websites like Priceline for amazing deals on upscale hotels. I used their ‘Name Your Price’ tool and was able to score The Westin hotel for less than $100/night. To make things even better, the hotel is located right next to a large outdoor shopping mall. If you’re looking to walk a bit more to your destination though, I highly recommend checking out Doner Mediterranean Grill. It’s around the corner and just a 5 minutes walk. Trust me, the food is delish!

Six Flags

Six Flags has always been a favorite vacation destination for me and my partner; especially during the winter time. If you visit while it is still cold, you have the opportunity to buy these yummy refillable hot cocoa drink cups. To make this vacation extra romantic, they have some fake snow machines to really set the mood. Whether your relationship is new or old, this is a great vacation spot. Going on thrilling roller coaster rides are opportunities to get out of your comfort zone and really bond with your partner. If you want to make the vacation even more exciting, drive an hour or so to the beach and go on a kayaking tour. You will be able to see lots of neat things like sea urchin and caves.


If you’re searching for some southern charm in your vacation, look no further. There are plenty of nature related activities you can partake in at Savannah, Georgia but it is a good idea to check out the downtown scene. If you like wandering around aimlessly while drinking, this is definitely the place for you. There are no open container laws here so you are free to carry around alcoholic beverages up to 16 oz. Cool, huh? Also, if you are a fan of Paula Deen, be sure to check out her tour where you can learn about her career from small beginnings to big tv star.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If you haven’t visited the most popular United States national park, it may be time for you to do so! This is definitely a bucket list item and it is a great vacation spot really for anyone who wants to be outdoors. There are many different hikes for all kinds of skill levels so if you aren’t in your best shape right now you can still enjoy a lot of the park. Also, if you want to make things really romantic, go ahead a opt for a cabin rental. You will be able to enjoy gorgeous views of the sunrise and sunsets with your partner.


This really wouldn’t be a complete list without Hawaii. I know there are a lot of haters that claim you can get similar experiences elsewhere, but really the closest I have gotten is by traveling to Asia. If you go around the right times of year you are almost guaranteed to have perfect weather with a light breeze. The ocean water is the perfect temperature making it great for water sports activities. Being a kayaking lover, I totally recommend going on a kayaking tour and visiting several islands. Just grab a backpack, fill it with essentials and go for it!

New York City

If you have some extra cash on hand and want to live it up a little, I can’t recommend New York City more than I already do. This place is so rich in cultural and has some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. If you are thinking the adventurous part of New York City is the food, trust me, it doesn’t end there. There are tons of really cool experiences if you are into theatre. The past two times visiting New York City I went to a really neat interactive theatre play called ‘Sleep No More’. Heads up though, this show is WILD. Actors and actresses in the play will often be nude and interact with the audience. I hope you’re ready for this!

These vacation destinations are truly remarkable and will leave you refreshed and feeling even closer to your loved one. I firmly believe one of the best ways to connect and become closer with your partner, or really anyone is to travel with them. There are so many wonderful experiences in this world and with just a little bit of investment you can enjoy them. For some romance at home, have a look at these Valentine’s Day ideas. Take care!

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