4 Simple Tips for Getting More Quality Sleep

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We all have trouble sleeping time and again.  The worst is when you are relying on a good night’s sleep for a big day ahead.  Regularly getting poor sleep will run you down. It affects your work performance and keep you from living an active and healthy lifestyle.  You can however, tackle this problem by following the following four simple tips.  For more DIY solutions, have a look at this bedtime routine.  Also, follow this routine to get energized every morning.

4 Tips for Better Sleep

Quality sleep can be hard to come by when you’ve got a busy schedule or even anxiety. When the topic of rest comes up in conversations, I find most people have trouble catching the perfect shut eye. Luckily, these concerns can usually be addressed with a it of lifestyle change. These are some of my favorite sleeping tips that have helped me in the past.

Set a Sleep Schedule

It’s so tempting to try to catch up on your sleep, but time lost ends up being just that, lost. Taking long naps ends up leaving you either even more tired, or unable to fall asleep when it really matters. If you find yourself waking up a bit too early, tough it out for the rest of the day.  Wait until it is the proper time for you to rest your eyes.

Minimize Distractions

I have pets myself. I know how hard it can be to get some shut eye when they are running around. Cats and dogs have totally different sleeping patterns and needs than humans which can cause them to become restless when it is late at night. Create a cute little spot for them to sleep when they need to and if they have separation anxiety, just add a shirt that smells like you to their bed. It’ll calm them down a lot!

Afternoon Coffee is a No-no

I’m often tempted to drink a coffee in the afternoon. I either want the taste, or I need the jolt. While it may help you for the next hour or so, you will likely find yourself wide awake at bedtime and unsure what to do.

Alcohol is a Trap

Wine is amazing for getting you nice and drowsy but it can actually reduce your REM sleep. What makes this bad is that REM sleep if crucial to your overall quality of sleep. You may drink a bedtime glass of wine, only to wake up still tired despite having a full night’s sleep.

Some of these tips can seem pretty obvious and some require a bit of scientific knowledge but they all are incredible at allowing you to get the rest you deserve after a long day. While there are only 4 steps, we all know changing our lifestyle can be difficult. Try working on one at a time in the area you feel the most deficient and in no time you’ll be waking up refreshed!

4 Tips To Get Better Sleep

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