25 Simple Ways to Deep Clean Your Entire Home

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25 Ways to Deep Clean Your Home

Getting your house clean can seem like an intimidating and even expensive task. There are so many cleaners out there on the grocery shelves claiming to be for either everything or just one thing. What they have in common is that most of them contain harmful chemicals. It’s misleading as it makes you believe you need cleaners that’re harsh in order to deep clean your entire home.

The good news is that many ingredients (and safe ones too!) that you already have in your household can be used to get that perfect sparkling house you’ve always wanted. Here are some genius hacks that’ll totally transform the way you clean your home.

1. Scrub the tub With Half a Grapefruit

Deep Clean Your Entire Home | Grapefruit and Salt Tub Scrubbing Hack
Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Grab yourself a grapefruit from the kitchen and dip it into a shallow bowl of salt. Next, use the halve to scrub your bathtub.

2. Deep Cleaning Your Dryer’s Lint Trap

Deep Clean Your Home: Cleaning the Lint Trap
Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

To clean your dryer’s lint trap, use a pillow case and a stick (like a ruler or paint stick) to dig the hard to reach lint.

3. How to Make Your Baking Glass Dishes Sparkle

Deep Clean Your Home | Cleaning Baking Glass Dishes
Source: Saved by Grace Blog

Check out the link under the photo to learn this cleaning recipe which uses safe ingredients such as tea tree soap, aluminum foil, baking soda, water and a tooth brush.

4. Cleaning the Stovetop

Deep Clean Your Entire Home | How to Clean Your Stove Top Naturally
Source: Dash of Glamm

Learn from A Dash of Glam via the link above to clean your stove top safely and naturally.

5. Removing Water Stains From Wood

How to Deep Clean Your Entire Home | Removing Water Marks From Wood Surfaces
Source: Sweet Parrish Place

This simple recipe that uses olive oil and salt will keep your wood surfaces looking like new 24/7!

6. Cleaning out the Vents

How to Clean Your Home | Dusting the Exhaust Fans
Source: Family Handy Man

Routinely cleaning out your exhaust fans will help keep the air in your home as clean as possible. Be sure to keep condensed air away from children though, as it contains harsh chemicals.

7. Removing Hard Water Stains From Toilets

How to Clean Your Entire Home | Scrubbing Hard Water From Toilets Hack
Source: Bitz n Giggles

Okay, so this one made me laugh a little and freak out at the same time. Don’t worry though! You don’t have to stick your hand in the toilet if you don’t want to.

So to clean the hard water stains off from your toilet, use a pumice stone. For those of you who are afraid to touch your toilet bowl on accident (raises hand), pumice stones come with sticks in some cases. Good luck!

8. Cleaning Your Screen Door

How to Clean Your Entire House | Cleaning Screen Doors
Source: Handy Man Magazine

Pets are amazing and make our lives better, but they really do leave some hard to clean messes sometimes. To get the junk off of your screen door, try using a lint roller.

9. Cleaning the Microwave Without Scrubbing

How to Clean Your Entire Home | No Scrub Method for Cleaning the Microwave
Source: Practically Functional

The microwave is probably one of the most neglected places in our home when it comes to cleaning. Caked on messes are overwhelming and it’s way too easy to just close the microwave door and pretend it doesn’t exist.

If this sounds like you, try out this amazing solution from Practically Functional. You’ll be so glad you did! The link is located under the photo.

10. Cleaning the Exhaust Fan Without Chemicals

Cleaning Your Entire Home | Exhaust Fan Cleaning Hack
Source: Practically Functional

If the idea of using a condensed air can made you uneasy, you can use a natural method instead like this one. You’ll need a vacuum, scrub brush, water and soap.

11. Deep Cleaning Your Faucets

Deep Cleaning Your Entire Home | Making Your Faucets Look Like New
Source: What’s up Fagans

It is really unsettling when you go to wash you hands and the sink looks absolutely gross. Be sure your guests and family are comfortable when cleaning themselves by trying out this awesome sink cleaning hack from What’s up Fagan’s.

12. Cleaning Oven Glass

Cleaning Your Home | Cleaning the Glass on Your Oven
Source: Polished Habitat

Dirt can really sneak up on your when it comes to your oven, making your appliance look really old, even if it’s brand new. By using a magic eraser, you can get it all done with just one cleaner.

In case you are concerned about the ingredients of the magic eraser, use gloves that you can toss after usage and then rinse the clean area with water and vinegar (50/50).

13. Cleaning Your Stove Burners

Clean Your Entire Home | How to Clean Your Stove Burners
Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

Check out Jillee’s post on how to use just zip blog bags and ammonia to get your stove burners sparkly clean!

14. Keeping the Toilet Brush Clean

Cleaning Your Bathroom | Keeping the Toilet Brush Clean Hack
Source: Smart School House

By keeping your cleaner of choice in the toilet brush holder, you can ensure that things are kept pretty germ-free.

My personal green version: I like to keep the cleaning methods in my home natural, so if you have the same preference there are definitely alternatives! I use a mix of vinegar, water and essential oils. My favorite essential oil for bathroom cleaning is the Plant Therapy Germ Fighter.  It smells just like cinnamon gum! : )

They also have a Kids Safe version for those of you with children who are on the younger side.

15. Cleaning Your Floor Tile Grout

How to Clean Your Entire Home | Floor Grout Cleaner Hack
Source: Life Should Cost Less

I forget all the time how effective water is by itself for cleaning. Follow these simple steps for a really useful hot water grout cleaning solution.

16. Cleaning a Glass Stove Top

Cleaning Your Kitchen | How to Clean Your Glass Cooktop
Source: Happy Mama Tales

This easy 3 ingredient recipe will solve all of your glass stove top grime issues! Check out Happy Mama Tales for the solution!

17. Getting the Baseboards Clean

Clean Your Entire House | How to Clean Your Baseboards
Source: The Country Chic Cottage

The Country Chic Cottage has the easiest solution for keeping your baseboards spot-free using only items you can already find around your home like a broom, dustpan and sponge.

18. Bathroom Grout Cleaner

Cleaning Your Bathroom | Tub, tile and grout cleaner hack
Source: My Cleaning Solutions

In case you find yourself afraid to spill hot water on someone, this green solution will help you get your bathroom looking like new.

19. Cleaning the Stainless Steel Sink

Cleaning the Kitchen | How to Clean and Polish a Stainless Steel Sink
Source: Centsable Momma

Learn from the Centsable Momma how to clean your sink with natural ingredients like baking soda and polish with olive oil.

20. How to Clean That Nasty Window Track

How to Clean Your Entire Home | How to Clean Window Tracks
Source: The Intentional Mom

Using white vinegar, a toothbrush and a butter knife, you can safely and quickly clean your window tracks.

21. Getting the Toaster Clean

Deep Cleaning the Whole House | How to Clean Your Kitchen Toaster
Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

If you’ve found yourself struggling to figure out how to keep the toaster clean to ensure non funky bread, you’re going to love this easy solution from One Good Thing by Jillee.

22. Making the Shower Head Sparkle

Deep Clean Your Bathroom | Shower Head Hack
Source: The Melrose Family

By simply wrapping your shower head up with a bag full of vinegar, you can safely clean it without much effort.

23. Deep Cleaning the Mattress

Deep Clean Your Home | How to Clean Your Mattress Naturally
Source: Cleaning Ideas

I’m not going to lie; I think mattresses are so nasty! We lay in them for hours every night, and in some cases, our pets do too. This simple solution will help you sleep better at night knowing you aren’t sleeping in a bunch of dirt and body oils.

24. Cleaning the Cutting Board

Deep Cleaning Your Home | How to Clean the Cutting Board
Source: All Kinds of Yum

I’ve lost so many cutting boards in the past due to my inability to properly clean them. This tutorial from All Kinds of Yum will show you exactly how to get it done.

25. Removing Pet Hair From Furniture & Clothes

Remove Pet Hair From Furniture and Clothes
Find it on Amazon

If you want a tool designed for removing unwanted pet hair, this is a great alternative from buying lint rollers over and over. A solution you can use at home though is to wet a paper towel and rub it over areas of your home covered in pet hair.

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