Fang-tastic Crafts to put on Your Halloween Activities List

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Who doesn’t love crafting spooky decor, or yummy treats with Halloween activities throughout the season?  Peek at these 25 fantastic ideas, if you dare.  Next, creep on over to this collection of Halloween decor, then these Halloween tricks are a treat.

These Halloween crafts Are SO CUTE! They are easy for people of any age to try!

Halloween Activities

One of the best parts of the holidays definitely has to be the crafts. They bring family and friends together, plus they’re actually a pretty frugal hobby to take part in. That’s because many items tend to be things you’d find around your home, or even get at the Dollar Tree.

If you are looking for some good clean fun to have with loved ones this Halloween, then try out some of these creative crafts for the family. You won’t be disappointed putting these on your Halloween activities list!

Candle Jars

DIY Haunted House Luminaries for Halloween
Found From Innova Crafts

This spooktacular candle jar is the perfect addition to your Halloween decor! The eerie flame and graveyard scene are sure to set the mood for a festive evening. So light up your celebration with this ghoulishly good candle!

Even if you don’t have the best artistic skills, there are many ways to make this one work. Just take it slow, step by step looking at the visual guide and you’ll be just fine!

Boo to You Halloween Sign

DIY Boo to You Halloween Sign Decor
Found From Typically Simple

While simple and cheap to make, this ‘Boo to you’ sign is very striking visually. Lots of guests will love it.

Lolly Pop Ghosts

DIY Lolly Pop Ghost Treat Party Favors
Found From One Little Project

This DIY is so classic and everyone adores it. From kids in elementary school to adults (especially females who love cute goodies like myself).

Silhouette Bat

DIY Kids Bat Painting Craft for Halloween
Found From Crafty Morning

Have a kid or possess absolutely no artistic skills? Then you’re like me! But this creative blogger has found a genius way to make us artsy.

Yarn Pumpkins

How to Make Yarn Pumpkin for Halloween
Found From One Little Project

This balloon pumpkin trick is totally genius and honestly looks like an awesome toy. I’d kind of want to toss this around with friends for fun.

Tin Can Ghost

Tin Can Ghost DIY for Front Yard Halloween Decor
Found From Chicken Scratch

These can ghosts are super cool because they are light and will actually blow around in the wind. Spooookkky!

Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries

These mummy lights add a nice, warm charm to your home, because they preserve the atmosphere and wrap you in a soft glow.

Popsicle Haunted House

If you have creative friends or Halloween-loving children this haunted house is so cute to try!

Balloon Spider Web

Easy DIY Halloween Spider Web Decor for Your Front Yard
Found From Gillian Bower

Make your own spider webs and skip cotton texture from the store this Halloween!

Spirit Jugs

Budget Friendly DIY Halloween Luminary Made From Recycled Bottles
Found From Eighteen25

Get ready to save up your milk jogs, because it’ll be worth it.

Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

DIY Floating Witch Hat Luminaries
Found From Polka Dot Chair

This witch hat decor DIY really comes to life at night and makes for the perfect trick, or treating atmosphere.

Tabletop Ghosts

You may have seen the cheese cloth designs for outdoors, but why not have something for your table as well?

Spider & Mason Jar Tutorial

DIY Creepy Spider Mason Jar Tutorial
Found From Mom Dot

Now, this is legit. I would be so excited to see these at a party.

Ghost Garland

DIY Paper Ghost Garland for Kids
Found From Aunt Annie

Do you remember making these bracelet type crafts way back in elementary school? If you have a kid or a younger sibling, then, maybe they can reteach you a thing or two.

Pumpkin Terracotta Pots

DIY Pumpkin Terracotta Pots Filled With Candy Corn
Found From Real Housemoms

What makes this craft so great is the diversity. You could really put anything in there from food to a plant.

Candy Corn Button Art

DIY Candy Corn Button Art
Found From Repeat Crafter Me

When I first saw this craft I thought there was no way I could create something like this but it’s actually pretty simple! I recommend checking out the guide from Repeat Crafter Me!

Toilet Paper Bat

DIY Toilet paper Roll Bat
Found From Crafty Morning

If you have a household member that likes to leave the toilet paper roll even though it’s gone completely out, they might be doing you a favor for once.

Tealight Pumpkins

DIY Tea Light Pumpkins for Kids
Found From Smart School House

I really love this idea because it gives you inspiration for other holidays as well. For example, a snowman would be a great craft to make for Christmas using this tutorial.

Spider Crown

DIY Pumpkin Spider Crown Party Costume Idea
Found From Delia Creates

Whether you’re six or thirty, this would look super cute for a party.

Halloween Candy Door Hanger

DIY Candy Holder Door Hanger Pumpkin for Trick or Treaters
Found From Cherished Bliss

Not going to be home this Halloween? Then give the kids a neat surprise with this unique candy holder.

Movable Mummies

DIY Happy Halloween Mummy Loves You Decor
Found From Family Chic

Give your kids a loving and adorable surprise the day of Halloween before school with this mummy tutorial.

Glowing Decor

DIY Pumpkin Tea Lights
Found From Paging Fun Mums

Night time bash? Then use these lights to help guide people around the house if it gets too dark.

No Sew Mantel

Even if you aren’t great with sewing, you can still get in on the Halloween activities by decorating a no sew mantel for the living room.

Wicked Witch Legs

DIY Wicked Witch Legs Halloween Front Lawn Bush Decor
Found From Grillo Designs

The classic witch legs. We’ve all seen them outside people’s home and love them, but how do we make one for ourselves? Find out how from Grill Designs.

Dessert Table Station

DIY Spooky Skeleton Party Platter Decor
Found From In Katrina’s Kitchen

This is a super fun platter idea for your upcoming Halloween Party. Very spooky!

From Halloween parties to family events, there are so many Halloween activities to try out before the season ends. You may think of Halloween as a thing for kids, but there is plenty of fun to be had for adults as well. Which is your favorite out of these Halloween activities for the family? Try it out for yourself, then Let us know about it in the comments!

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