10 Gorgeous Pastel Hair Colors That Will Turn You Into a Goddess

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If your interested in changing things up with a new hair color, then you came to the right place for inspiration.  However you like your hair, these pastel hair colors will give you some beautiful ideas to try out.  Because we all have our own personal styles, these pastel looks have quite the range.

pastel hair colors

These Unique Pastel Hair Colors and Styles are Gorgeous

Purple & Pink
Found From She Blogs

This is a great option for girls with darker hair! I actually had this hair color about two years ago and I have to admit, I was digging it.

Found From Hair is my Obsession

Bright pastels like this make me wish I could easily bleach my hair without damaging it. So, you light haired women better get on this!

Found From Favim

I am such a sucker for pastel lavenders. Going to be honest here, more than half the time you will find me wearing a variation on this color you see here.

Found From Imgfave

I am super in love with this, because of the shades and the springy style! If I ever bleach my hair again, then this is probably going to be the first color I will try, because it’s so classy!

Found From Gret a Style

This one totally reminds me of one of my favorite ice creams, mint chocolate chip. Mm!

Pale Blue
Found From Favim

This shade of blue is so gorgeous and I am totally digging the red lipstick pairing.

Found From Organic Hair Color

Is it just me, or does this lovely lady totally look like a mermaid goddess?

Found From Locker Dome

I am sure you guys have seen this one plenty of times, and for good reason, because her hair is awesome!

Lavender & Blue Cotton Candy
Found From Rebels Market

These colors are so fun and remind me of cotton candy!

Lilac and Brown
Found From Love Hairstyles

If I had to cut my hair, then I would do this. The hair length just looks so perfect with this color!

Thanks for looking through these gorgeous pastel hair colors.  If you want more hair related posts, then let me know in the comments.  Although cute styles are always fun to try, there are also some hacks to help restore a bad hair day.

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