12 Ombre Nail Styles That Will Turn Heads

Nail styles are so inspiring, because they can be painted with so many unique designs and textures.  I love these bold transitional nail styles and I know you will want to try some of them yourself.  Although there is so much you can do to make a statement with beautiful elegant nails, I believe that these selections are sure to turn heads.  However, these lace nail designs are pretty awesome, too.

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12 Head Turning Nail Styles

Grey and Pink
Found From Best Art Nails

This is a color combination I haven’t thought of using in a long time, and it works so well!

Caribbean Matte


Found From Feed Puzzle

The person who did these nails is so talented; because look how subtle the color transition is.

Found From Lacquer Style

I would totally wear this on holiday, or for special occasions, because I love how deep and rich it is.

Blue You Away
Found From Lionesse Beauty Bar

Blue is so universal, so this one is perfect for daily use.

Sheer Pink
Found From Lulus

I am a huge fan of neutral colors, so I really want to try this one out!

Green and Yellow
Found from Ombre Nails

While I personally wouldn’t go this bright very often, I still think it is super cool. Maybe for Halloween!

Found From Picrevise/Nail Nerd

Copper is awesome for everything! I love wearing copper eyeliner so this would be a great pairing.

Found From Favim

This photo is really awesome; when I try this out, I should just bring a bowl of blueberries everywhere. However, it may not be good if you have a nail biting habit.

Found From Ombre Nails

I love the attention to detail with this one, because of how texture was incorporated into the design.

Found From Your Queen

Most of my wardrobe consists of pastels, might as well keep it consistent!

French Ombre
Found From Chalkboard Nails

If your job has strict dress codes, then this one is for sure a go to!

Northern Lights
Found From Ink361

This one reminds me of cotton candy; I love it!

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