19 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Entertaining

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19 Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Ideas for The Perfect Backyard Entertainment Center

As I get older, I’m realizing I want to spend more of my time outdoors. The fresh air, beautiful greenery, and chill vibes are totally unbeatable when it comes to entertaining. So, what is better for backyard entertaining than an outdoor kitchen?

If you’re looking to make your backyard space more livable, then consider creating an outdoor kitchen or bar area. It’ll keep you in the middle of the action when entertaining and it’ll help you develop a healthier more outdoorsy lifestyle! Enjoy and be inspired, because these are great backyard kitchen DIY ideas!

Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Style Outdoor Kitchen
Found From One Kind Design

If you have a small space to work with, then smaller grills and dainty decorations will give you the best bang for your buck. Add in some warmth by incorporating a small grill. Maybe later you can use the wood for a DIY fire pit!

Ultimate BBQ

Outdoor BBQ Kitchen DIY
Found From Instructables

If you already know you’re going to be mainly grilling, then invest in a quality grill and add a sink to make cleanup more convenient.

Clever Food Bar Solution

DIY Food Bar Outdoor Kitchen
Found From Build Something

Portable food bar stations are great because you can maintain your backyard with a more modular style. Just roll the car wherever you need it!

Woody Outdoor Kitchen

Woodsy and Rustic Backyard Kitchen
Found From Country Living

If you’re into the idea of an outdoor Thanksgiving or Christmas, then consider creating an open, nature-inspired space. Although minimal, fewer decorations can help you appreciate the beauty already existing in your yard.

Concrete Counters

Concrete Countertop Outdoor Kitchen
Found From Lowe’s

Concrete counters are super in right now and I like them because they’re even possible for you to DIY on a budget yourself!

Eco-Friendly BBQ Station

Eco Friendly Backyard Kitchen
Found From Tree Hugger

This eco-friendly kitchen uses a small grill and lets you focus on raw goodies such as fresh fruits and wine.

Stucco Mission Style Wood Fire

Stucco Wood Fire Oven Backyard Kitchen
Found From Country Living

To turn this into the perfect kitchen, simply turn the fireplace into a pizza oven. Although a Mediterranean-inspired redesign would enhance the concept.

Ship Lap Oceanside Kitchen

White Shiplap Oceanside Coastal Outdoor Kitchen
Found From Jacquelyn Clark

If you don’t have quite the budget to create a full-on backyard kitchen, then try bringing your indoor kitchen into the backyard space by creating a window bar.

Earthy Kitchen

Stunning Earthy Hippy Backyard Kitchen
Found From House Beautiful

Keep the focus on the gorgeous garden you’ve worked so hard on throughout the years and create a kitchenette that blends in.

Budget Pop Open Bar

Budget Pop Open Outdoor Kitchen Idea
Found From House Beautiful

Bring the indoors out and the outdoors in by opening up the windows and placing some stools around your window bar.

Down to Earth

Aluminum Backyard Kitchen
Found From Yard Surfer

This DIY bar is totally doable for many people as it doesn’t have any elaborate materials and designs.

Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves Outdoor Kitchen
Found From Hannas

Try using floating shelves if you are tight on space. Instead of building out, build up!

Shabby Chic Outdoor Kitchen

Shabby Chic Outdoor Kitchen With Dishwasher, Oven and Sink
Found From Yellow Home

This shabby chic outdoor bar is bound to melt the hearts of your guests. Definitely consider this kind of style if you want a comforting atmosphere.

Terra Cotta Outdoor Pizza Oven

Terra Cotta Outdoor Kitchen With Pizza Oven
Found From House Beautiful

This, you guys, is my absolute favorite on the list. That pizza oven is downright stunning and the beautiful vibrant colors just bring this space to life.

Modular Kitchen

Modular Outdoor Kitchen Idea
Found From Lane W Stalk

If you like to spend a lot of time in your backyard at night, then definitely invest in some quality lighting so you can see what you’re doing.

Hippie Garden

Eclectic Secret Garden Kitchen
Found From Houzz

These rich colors are so perfect for complementing any tropical flower gardens you already have.

Rustic Brick Outdoor Kitchen

Retro Rustic Outdoor Kitchen
Found From Dorothy & Olive

Want to build something out of almost completely bricks? Trust me, it’s going to look GREAT.

Portable Small Kitchen

Simple Portable Outdoor Kitchen DIY
Found From DIY Projects

This is awesome, because the more mobile your bar is, the easier it will be to keep up with your guests. Although the finished product seems difficult, the DIY bar is super simple to make.

Sandy Beach Bar

Sandy Beach Outdoor Bar for Your Backyard
Found From Gardenista

If you have a home near the beach (or want to pretend), then prepare the sand, just don’t get any in the burger buns!

There are so many great ways to make your backyard more livable and ready for entertaining. Whether you are on a tight budget, have a small space, or are ready to make your backyard like an amusement park, there are lots of options out there for you!

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