18 Watermelon Party Ideas to Welcome Summer

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18 Watermelon Party Ideas Recipe and DIY crafts for Summer

It’s getting hot out there and fast! Summer is finally here and the days are getting longer and sunnier. It’s time for us to embrace it with tons of parties, and what’s better than a good ‘ol seasonal themed party?  I can’t think of anything more Summer than watermelon, so you may consider some watermelon party ideas for your next Summer bash.

Watermelon is definitely in when it comes to parties and for good reason. You can do so many creative and cute things with it. Whether you’re looking to eat your watermelon or use it as a hat, there’s definitely a couple things from this list you’re going to want to include in your party.

DIY Watermelon Party Ideas


Watermelon Centerpiece
Found From The Sweetest Occasion

Grab some of those flowers that bloomed during the spring and use them in a watermelon centerpiece!

Party Favor Tags

Watermelon Party Favors DIY
Found From Maggie Ward

Keep your friends feeling appreciated, so they are ready to attend your next party, with some old fashioned party favor tags.

Serving Spoons

Watermelon Serving Spoons DIY
Found From Real Housemoms

Because of the simple application, this is an easy DIY, even for those who aren’t that artistic!

Utensil Holder

Watermelon Party Utensil Holder
Found From Today’s Creative Life

Let your guests serve themselves by keeping all your utensils easy to access and in plain sight.

Wrapping Paper/Table Cloth

Watermelon Wrapping Paper DIY
Found From Inner Child Fun

If it’s someone’s birthday, then definitely consider this adorable wrapping paper DIY. Otherwise, you can use it as a disposable tablecloth for a watermelon eating contest.

Toss Game

Watermelon Toss Game
Found From I Dig Pinterest

A party isn’t complete without games, although it’s always better when you can theme them!

Party Hat

Watermelon Hats Party DIY
Found From Kara’s Party Ideas

Get your guests into the spirit by forcing them to wear these totally awesome hats.

Party Favors

Watermelon Party Favors DIY
Found From A Joyful Riot

If you want to go above and beyond the standard party tags, then try out a full on basket.


Yogurt Pops

Watermelon Yogurt Pops Recipe
Found From Homemade in the Kitchen

These look so delicious you might want to make sure your pets aren’t on the prowl for a treat! Last time I had a yogurt pop my cat stole it.


Watermelon Ice Cubes Recipe
Found From Taste and Tell

Give a bit of flavor to your water by slicing up some watermelon and turning them into ice cubes by throwing them into the freezer.


Watermelon Pizza Recipe
Found From Hungry Happenings

Fruity pizza, anyone?


Watermelon Cupcakes Recipe
Found From Baby Center

Cupcakes are a great quick grab for guests hanging around the kitchen.


Watermelon Slice Cookies
Found From Taste of Home

These tiny cookies will definitely get your guests excited!

Rice Krispies

Watermelon Rice Krispies
Found From Dine and Dish

Krispies were definitely one of my favorite treats as a kid, although then they were boring compared to this watermelon design.


Watermelon Pops
Found From Betty Crocker

Because they make a cute accent, you can totally include these pops individually wrapped in that party favor gift basket.

Sweet Tea

Watermelon Sweet Tea Recipe
Found From The Improv Kitchen

If you love iced tea, then give it a little watermelon twist to make it extra refreshing!

Push Pops

Watermelon Push Pops
Found From Make Bake Celebrate

I used to love push pops as a kid, however someone had to buy them for me, but now I can make them myself. : )


Watermelon Cookies
Found From That’s What Che Said

If you are looking for a larger cookie recipe, then check this one out!

What’s great about all these watermelon party ideas is not all of them taste like watermelon, but they do all taste freaking amazing. : ) Because of these great ideas, the next time you decide to have a party, you can step it up a notch by creating a fun and summery watermelon theme!

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