18 Easy Scent Hacks for Your Home Using Essential Oils

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Store bought candles and air fresheners tend to have many harmful properties.  Besides which, a lot of the time, it’s more work than it’s worth to figure out the ingredients that are actually in them. To make things even harder for consumers, the prices tend to be just plain ridiculous.  However, essential Oils solve these problems. They also are easy to incorporate into DIY solutions at home.

18 Essential Oil Smell Hacks and DIYs for Your Home

Switching over to essential oils has been such a money and health saver for me. You get to pick exactly what you want your home cleaners to smell like and you get to do it on the cheap! If you are looking for fun new ways to make your house smell naturally awesome, here are some of my favorite scent hacks!  If you are interested in these essential oils scent hacks, then you may also like these DIY soap recipes.

Mason Jar Gel Air Freshener

DIY Mason Jar Gel Air Freshener
Found From Shaken Together Life

If you are looking to create a scented DIY that you can gift during special occasions, mason jars are always a great idea.

Chemical Free Air Freshener Filter

Fresh Home Air Filter Trick
Found From Family Maven

This simple hack will only take you a minute! When it comes time to change out the air filters in your home, be sure to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Clothespin Car Freshener

Natural Clothes Pin Car Freshener
Found From The Krazy Coupon Lady

I consider my car to be a part of my home as much time is spent in it each day. Make sure you aren’t trapping yourself in a box of harmful chemicals by using this hack. Take a wooden clothes pin and add a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Essential Oils Candle Melts

Essential Oil Candle Melts
Found From Create Craft Love

I’ve always found candle melts really satisfying to use. They look awesome and they give off such a rich aroma.

Multi-Purpose Baking Soda Freshener

Multi-Purpose Baking Soda Freshener
Found From A Cultivated Nest

Carpets tend to see a lot of rough days so it is important to keep them as fresh as you can. I love using carpet powder prior to vacuuming because it is such a simple but effective way to change the smell of your entire home.

Fabric Freshener

DIY Fabric Freshener Spray
Found From Bren Did

Your fabric couches definitely need some love too! I like to make sprays like this prior to vacuuming as it helps me get rid of cat and dog fur.

Plug-in Freshener Refill

Essential OIl Plug-in Freshener Refill
Found From Mom 4 Real

If you are looking to replace your toxic air fresheners from the grocery store or Bath & Body Works, be sure not to waste those glass plug ins!

Essential Oil & Rice Freshener

Rice and Essential Oil Room Freshener
Found From The Homemade Experiment

Just when you thought essential oils couldn’t be more of a budget friendly alternative, we bring in the rice hack. Seriously, go to your local Asian grocery store and get a bunch for less than 10 bucks. It’ll last you MONTHS.

Fragrance Cotton Balls

Cotton Balls Essential Oil Fragrance Hack
Found From The Krazy Coupon Lady

What I like about these fragrance cotton balls is that they are easily hidden.

Olive Oil Candles

Olive OIl Candles DIY
Found From Little House Living

To add some extra scent to this olive oil candle, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Scented Wood

DIY Scented Wood With Essential Oils
Found From North Story

This unique hack will last you longer than the cotton balls and the wood won’t break down as easily.

Pom Pom Ball Car Freshener

DIY Car Freshener With Essential Oils
Found From Designer Trapped

If you don’t feel like putting this in your car, then you can try putting it in your purse to keep things smelling fresh.

DIY Potpourri

Homemade Potpourri With Essential Oils
Found From Free People

Potpourri is one of my favorite smell DIYs, because it makes everything smell amazing, and it is a great decorative piece!

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser From Clay Pot
Found From Hearth and Vine

You can find these kinds of pots on the cheap at your local IKEA.

Coffee Filter Sachets

DIY Coffee Filter Sachets
Found From Pop Sugar

I love the smell of coffee in the morning. If this is the holiday season, then add a bit of peppermint to give it an extra KICK.

Linen Spray

DIY Linen Spray With Essential Oils
Found From Wellness Mama

This linen spray idea is great for carpet, couches and your bed.

Lavender & Pine Linen Spray

DIY Lavender and Pine Spray
Found From Jenni Raincloud

Another great scent pair for a linen spray is lavender and pine. Be sure to leave out the pine though if you have pets!

DIY DIffuser

DIY Diffuser
Found From Swoon Worthy

This diffuser is another elegant solution that will make your house smell great.

There are so many applications for essential oils and I like to use as many as possible! They are so fun to work with and I like knowing that what I am doing isn’t harming my family and pets.

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