15 Halloween Wreath DIY Ideas for a Fang-tastic Aesthetic

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Get ready to be inspired.  These sensational Halloween wreath DIY ideas are shockingly easy to make.  However, should you be looking for something less terrifying, I have you covered.  If you would rather see some gorgeous fall wreaths to decorate your home with, then look here.  Also, terrifying is not really a word I would use to describe these spooky holiday wreaths.

15 DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas That're Easy to Make

Halloween Wreath DIY Ideas

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year because I can get so get creative. Besides, I love being able to look at the little spooky projects my neighbors have going on. I can’t help but participate in the fun. To make my own home special, I take pride in making my own wreathes by mixing and matching items from the craft store. Here are some of my favorite Halloween wreath DIY ideas at the moment!

1. Trick or Treat Wreath

Trick or Treat Halloween Wreath DIY
Source: Busy Creating Memories

If your home has a lot of neutral paint colors, then brighten things up with all the Halloween colors you can fit in.

2. Ornament Wreath

Ornament Halloween Wreath
Source: Where the Smiles Have Been

Before you through out old Christmas ornaments that no longer fit your home’s aesthetic, repurpose them by painting them orange, purple, green and black.

3. Ribbon Wreath

DIY Ribbon Halloween Wreath
Source: A Pop of Pretty

Ribbons are so easy to find on the cheap at your local dollar store and make for a great Halloween wreath.

4. Spider Web

Scary Spider Web DIY Wreath
Source: The Country Chic Cottage

Get your whole family involved by using soft and safe materials like this white wrap or even toilet paper.

5. Ghost Wreath

Ghost Wreath DIY
Source: Trendy Tree

Lighten up the mood by creating goofy versions of your favorite Halloween monsters instead of going for scares.

6. Nightmare Before Christmas


This silly and easy to make Nightmare Before Christmas inspired wreath can be converted into a Christmas wreath later in the year, or you can keep it looking the exact same. Ha!

7. Monster Wreath

Halloween Monster Wreath DIY
Source: Craftaholics Anonymous

Trick or treaters will go nuts over this funny looking pine cone monster!

8. Candy Corn Wreath

Candy Corn and Crow Halloween Wreath DIY
Source: BHG

This candy corn wreath is so perfect for houses with a farmhouse look.

9. Candy Corn Colors

Candy Corn DIY Halloween Wreath
Source: Whipper Berry

If you like to be less blunt with your decor, then try an ombre candy corn design.

10. Black Snakes

Black Snakes Halloween Wreath DIY
Source: Martha Stewart

This creepy black snake wreath will surely spook your guests!  However, you may consider using an alternative entrance, too.

11. Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Wreath DIY
Source: Liluna

I’m loving this unique framed art wreath. So creative I never would have thought of this!

12. Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat Wreath DIY
Source: Liluna

This simple but well designed wreath looks like it was pre-made from the store, but it’s all DIY!

13. Disney Happy Halloween Wreath

Disney Mickey Mouse Halloween DIY Wreath
Source: Spaceships and Laser Beams

Everyone knows that the happiest place on Earth is Halloween at your house.  However, it doesn’t hurt to confirm it with this not-so-scary Halloween wreath

14. William’s Sonoma Knock Off Wreath

Williams Sonoma Knock Off Wreath Halloween DIY
Source: Shelly Hick

This bird looks so real at first glance! Start with great materials before you craft.  Then you get the best effect.

15. Glowing Spooky Wreath

Glowing Orange Spooky DIY Halloween Wreath
Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for something that’ll stand out at night, then definitely try a light-up wreath!

I don’t know about you, but I am SO excited for Halloween this year! For some reason, the older I get, the more enthusiastic I am about holidays. The joys of getting old!

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