15 Easy Farmhouse Christmas Decorations to DIY

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Turning your home into a cozy farmhouse retreat for the holiday season is a delightful endeavor that doesn’t have to be complicated.

15 Easy Farmhouse Christmas Decorations to DIY

In this blog post, we’ll delve into a plethora of effortless and charming farmhouse Christmas decoration ideas that will fill your space with rustic allure and festive joy.

From homemade wreaths to vintage-inspired ornaments, these simple DIY projects will enable you to craft a warm and welcoming holiday ambiance that encapsulates the enduring appeal of farmhouse style.

Prepare to adorn your abode with a dash of rustic elegance and an abundance of seasonal merriment!

Farmhouse Christmas Decorations Made Easy

While there are plenty of options for rustic Christmas decor at the store, it’s nice to have a personal touch to your holiday decorations. The whole point of farmhouse design is to give off the feeling of character and charm, and the best way to accomplish this is with DIY. With a little inspiration, you will have the easiest time picking out rustic decor and adding so much character to your home for the holidays.

1. Deck the Halls Christmas Entry

Delight your guests with unique Christmas decorations for stairs. Simply up-cycle some pine cones from your yard and pair them with your old vases.

2. Rustic Farmhouse Wreath

Great your guests with Christmas spirit as soon as they arrive at your front door. This rustic wreath will fill their hearts with warmth before they even step inside.

3. Rustic Burlap Sign

Rustic burlap DIYs are one of the easiest ways to add character to a space on the cheap.

4. DIY Rustic Pine Planter

I love pine cone DIYs as they’re so easy to make and work well with a small decor budget.

5. Rustic Felt Christmas Trees

Get the family involved with some Christmas crafts. These rustic felt Christmas trees are safe to make and great for beginners.

6. Farmhouse Coffee and Tea Station

If you happen to be the Christmas party planner, you’re in luck. Christmas party food stations are simple to make and don’t require a lot of talent to make look good. All you need are red, green and white decor elements.

7. Rustic Wood Candle Holders

Christmas wood DIYs add a cozy feeling that lends well to cold weather.

8. Burlap Christmas Wreathes

This DIY burlap wreath is the perfect neutral option to pair with almost anyone’s farmhouse Christmas decorations.

9. DIY Snow Globe Jars

I love the look of snow globes and love even more that you can make a DIY snow globe for your own home decor.

10. Rustic Christmas Arrangement

Warm and Cozy Farmhouse Christmas Decorations Arrangement
Source: Nina Hendrick

Christmas lights bring to life practically any Christmas DIY and are super cheap.

11. Wood Photo Transfer Ornaments

Wood transfer art is really in these days and the design lends itself well to Christmas ornament DIYs.

12. Cone Topiary Trees

These farmhouse cone topiary trees add rustic flare effortlessly to any home decor setup.

13. Farmhouse Log Mantel DIY

Farmhouse Christmas Mantel Decoration
Source: Jenna Burger

Even if you don’t plan on turning on the fireplace for Christmas, you can still enjoy the character this farmhouse log mantel adds to a space.

14. Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

This rustic Christmas centerpiece is the perfect neutral for farmhouse holiday decor.

15. Galvanized Picking Basket Arrangement DIY

Bring the feeling of warmth outside by creating a rustic Christmas decor piece covered with Christmas lights.

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