14 Epic Front Yard Ideas for Halloween That’ll Show up the Neighbors

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These epic front yard ideas for Halloween are sure to spin some heads so have a look and see what grabs you.  You can shock and inspire your neighbors by staging DIY front yard displays of your own.  Whether it’s light hearted fun, or icy chills you are after, you’ll be entertained by this spirited decor.

DIY Front Yard Ideas for Halloween That'll Spook the Neighborhood

Halloween is such a fun time of year to get the family together and work on holiday decor. Looking at all the creative setups the other families in the neighborhood is definitely fun, but we all know it’s kind of a silent competition at times. If you’re on a mission to make sure you have the best decorated home on the block, then you’ve come to the right place. These epic front yard ideas for Halloween are going to make your home look spook-tacular!

Front Yard Ideas For Halloween…and More!

Before we get started, I have more Halloween crafts and DIY Halloween Hacks your you to enjoy as well.  Finally, if coming home to your newly outfitted [grave]yard doesn’t creep you out enough, here is my list of Halloween movie picks to celebrate the season.  If you love the ideas below, then try them out and let us know how they went.  After all, I’m dying to hear from you.

1. Elaborate, but Inexpensive Dollar Store Witch’s Cauldron

Dollar Store Witch's Brew for Halloween Porch Decor
Source: Indulgy


2. Skeleton Breaking Free

Skeleton Breaking out of Coffin DIY Halloween Decor
Source: Indulgy


3. Creepy Ghosts

Creepy Halloween Ghost Decor for Your Front Lawn
Source: Grim Hollow Haunt


4. Harry Potter Floating Candles

Harry Potter Halloween Floating Candles DIY
Source: Eating Bender


5. Halloween Pumpkin Arch

Halloween Pumpkin Arch DIY
Source: Crazi Carlos


6. Lawn Mummy

Lawn Mummy DIY for Halloween
Source: BHG


7. Scary Pumpkin Head Man

Scary Pumpkin Head Man DIY Halloween Decor
Source: Grim Hollow Haunt


8. Witches and a Cauldron

Witches and Their Brew DIY
Source: Grim Hollow Haunt


9. Wire Ghost

Wire Ghost Front Yard Halloween Decor
Source: This old House


10. Another Witch’s Cauldron Tutorial

Bubbling Witch Cauldron DIY
Source: This Old House


11. Glowing Plastic Jack-o-Lantern

Dollar Store Halloween Decor | Jack-O-Lantern
Source: Scratch and Stitch


12. Adorable Hanging Ghosts

Adorable Hanging Ghosts DIY
Source: BHG


13. Another Escaping Skeleton

Skeleton Escaping from the Ground DIY
Source: BHG


14. Skeletons Around the Camp Fire

Skeletons Around the Camp Fire DIY
Source: Halloween is Life


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