12 Playful Bird Wallpaper Inspiration Photos You Should Consider

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These bird wallpaper design ideas are the cutest!

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While modern may be a big trend right now in home design, we don’t always have to go in that direction all the way, or even at all! If done right, wallpaper can look just as fresh and clean as plain paint, and a lot more interesting. With so many gorgeous designs to choose from, the question will go from ‘should I try wallpaper?’ to ‘can I try them all??’ Have fun with these delightful picks I have for you and try your best to find a favorite!

Whimsical Bathroom

This whimsical wallpaper makes an otherwise white and boring bathroom come to life.
Found From My Domaine

This wallpaper is such wonderful feature, you guys. I love how the bathroom is kept simple to really allow it to do its thing.

Interested in this wallpaper? Find it at Decorator’s Best.

Tropical Paradise

Add some color to your bathroom with some vibrant tropical bird wallpaper! Accent with blue or pink flowers to complete this look.
Found From Apartment Therapy

This is a wallpaper I really wouldn’t mind seeing every single day. It has so much charm and looks timeless.

Green & Orange

This colorful bird pattern wallpaper is just what I need to make my home design perfect! It's too cute!
Found From Wallflora

I could totally imagine coming home from a morning walk and seeing this lighthearted wallpaper waiting for me.

Beige and Pink

This modern non-woven fabric bird wallpaper is so lovely and combines the perfect blend of old and new.
Found From 7Buy

The color scheme in this room is so well thought out. I wish I could come up with something like this!

Vintage Flowers & Birds

I am in love with this green vintage styled wallpaper!
Found From Blooming Wall

If you’re thinking of going a little more old school, this is a good choice! It’s super sophisticated.


I love the vibrant magenta and blue colors on this wallpaper! Pair with white and neutrals and you've got an unforgettable look!
Found From Wallflora

I could imagine using this in a game room, maybe behind a wet bar. Oh the possibilities!

White & Turquoise

This white and turquoise bird wallpaper is so clean and classic. I absolutely adore it!
Found From BHF

This is just so lovely for a bedroom where you want something relaxing. I’d limit it to the wall behind the bed so it doesn’t become too overwhelming.

Chinese Rich Birds

This blue and beige bird wallpaper is so elegant and fancy looking! I love it!
Found From DUXSH

Want to have a little more Asian influence over the style in your room? This wallpaper is a nice slightly more modern take and I think it works really well.

Soft Colored Birds

This soft colored bird wallpaper is just so stunning! I'd love it for a powder room or around my vanity.
Found From Holden Decor

Here is another option for your master bedroom if you want to have a little more of a soft look. I think this would be great from a hallway or powder room too.

Flock of Canes

If you've got to have your gold, this bird wallpaper is such a winner. It's clean and the design is the coolest!
Found From Cutting Edge Stencils

Now we just got really modern and hipster here, but that’s okay! I am a gold lover and this is up my alley.

Lighthearted Kids Room

This yellow and blue wallpaper is just so lighthearted and perfect for a kids room.
Found From Agricultural Digest

Want something for a powder room or kids room? This wallpaper just makes me feel so uplifted. I am really digging it.

European Style

This bird wallpaper is so beautifully designed, I seriously want this!
Found From House and Garden

Now this one is just so elegant. If you want to have a premium look for a wallpaper, I think this is your best choice. The colors are so stunning and you really can’t go wrong here!

I seriously had such a hard time picking my favorite from these, and to be honest, I am still not sure! They are all so unique and beautiful. The only complaint I have is that I can’t use them for each room in my house. People would think I am a total lunatic (still tempted though)! Which one is your favorite?

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