12 Jaw Dropping Metallic Tile Interior Designs to Copy

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metallic designs for your interior home design

One of the best ways to add interest to an otherwise boring space is to add some shine. The first thing that usually comes to mind is mirrors but opening up your space and creating a quality design doesn’t always demand it. Not only can metallic pieces make your place look really sick, it can add needed color to neutral themes and even add a sense of luxury.

Silver & Gold Kitchen
metallic kitchen backsplah
Found From Backsplash

It can be pretty difficult to find designs where silver and gold go this well together. The white marble is just the icing on the cake here!

mosaic silver shiny metallic tile bathroom
found From Alluring Bathrooms

These metallic mosaic tiles are just so artsy looking. I think this would look great in a modern yet simple kitchen. These tiles are enough of a statement on their own!

Bright & Sparkly
Sparkly Bathroom
Found From Digs Digs

This color pallet makes having a significant amount of shine actually easy on the eyes. This is a very glamorous look for those who don’t want to go way overboard.

Feature Wall
feature bathroom wall
Found From Fresh Design Pedia

The warm colored lights go very well with the rest of the cool toned room.

Instant Glamour
3d shape tile
Found From Contemporist

If you are into a very modern look, this design could work out very well for you!

curved wall metallic
Found From Mosby Building Arts

Being an insane lover of all warm toned metallic, this room is super impressive to me.

Metallic Inlays
inlays metallic tiles
Found From Plumbtile

I have never given much thought to inlays but this design is truly eye opening.

Shine All Around
shiny room dark wood bathroom
Found From HGTV

This tiny bathroom ends up looking so grand with this luxurious design. I will definitely keep this in mind if I ever need to fancy up a small room.

Urban Kitchen
urban kitchen metallic
Found From Archinspire

I could totally see this design in a New York apartment. It’s so hip!

Simple Metallic
houzz bathroom metallic
Found From Houzz

This design seems very accessible for people who just want a touch of bling without spending a whole lot of money.

Glam Metal Bathroom
bathroom tile
Found From Cheap Home Decor Ideas

The shapes in this design are so interesting to look at! I love it! This one is probably my favorite.

Rock and Roll
rock and roll bathroom
Found From The Interior Collective

If you want that luxurious in your face glam look that you’d find at a Las Vegas hotel, keep this one in mind!

Metallic tiles can be incorporated into so many different designs and don’t necessarily have to be super modern. Which design is your favorite?

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