12 DIY Backyard Ideas That’ll Make Your Home Paradise

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One of my favorites ways to relax has always been hanging out in the backyard with my partner, friends, and/or dog. Being close to nature is important to me and does wonders at bringing peace in my life. That’s why whenever I see a beautiful backyard getaway, I get totally envious. If you too are always on the hunt for new ways to spruce up your backyard oasis, you’re going to love this list of DIY backyard ideas!

Recycled Trampoline Hammock

Hanging Bed
Found From Tiny House on the Prairie

If you’ve got an old trampoline hanging around, don’t throw it away! It can be re-purposed into the most amazing hanging bed for your backyard.

Pergola & Fire Pit

Outdoor Pergola and Firepit
Found From Remodelaholic

For large backyard, you gotta have some large furniture to match it. A pergola with hanging benches and string lights will create a relaxing ambiance for you and guests. Take it to the next level by adding a fire pit for colder months.

Old Tire Pond

Backyard DIY Pond from Old Tires
Found From Wonderful DIY

Tires can seem pretty pointless once taken off cars but can actually be made into pretty cool things! You can make a pond or even a dog bed out of it (weird, right??).

Flower Stands

Found From I Should be Mopping the Floor

Flowers are a great way to add some needed color to any yard and brighten the mood.

Treeless Treehouse

Treeless Treehouse
Found From The Handmade Home

Want a tree house but don’t have any trees large enough to accommodate one? Not a problem! Try this guide by The Handmade Home for the perfect treeless house.

Cable Rail

How to Install Cable Railing
Found From Annabode

Cable rails are very stylish but can cost a ton to have it professionally done. The great thing is that they are actually pretty easy to make if you have a guide.

Circular Fire Pit Patio

Circular Fire Pit Patio DIY
Found From Brooklyn Limestone

If the hanging benches might make you dizzy, you can still enjoy a fire pit and ambient lighting. Define the space by creating a path and patio area.

Climbing Wall Tent

Found From School Playground Designers
This climbing wall tent is a great multi-purpose fun area for kids. Don’t have kids? Make a huge one for weird adults like us! : P

Log Pathway

Log Pathway DIY
Found From Dream Garden 101

This log pathway DIY will create a mysterious look to your garden that everyone will love!

Covered Patio

DIY Covered Patio
Found From Kenarry

If your backyard lacks proper shade, create a simple covering to create a comfortable year round space.

Glowing Stepping Stones

Glowing Stepping Stones DIY Backyard
Found From Pinterest

While this looks totally expensive and techie, guess what? It’s only paint! Grab yourself some glow in the dark paint and just go crazy with it!

Hose Hiding Planter

Hose Hiding Planter DIY
Found From Jaime Costilgio

Having a dog means danger for a lot of things in my backyard, but especially my garden hose. Create a stylish space for your hose and you will save sooo much money!

If the weather permits, why not spend a little extra time in the yard this year? It’s really gratifying to take on some DIY projects and it saves a ton of money too! Plus, it’s a great way to get the rest of your family involved and bond. Win, win!

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