11 Memorial Day DIYs Everyone at The Party Will Love

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Memorial day is coming in the near future and it is best we be ready to party in style! To make preparation just as fun as the event, there are so many crafting ideas out there that will not only help you show your patriotism, they will save a ton of money. A lot of these DIYs can be used year after year and for more than just memorial day; living in a wonderful patriotic country, there are lots of excuses to take out the party decorations. So here are 11 party DIYs your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

Colored Rice Votives
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Found From Country Living

This DIY incorporates super easy to get and cheap to buy ingredients. Rice, a mason jar, dye, and a little tea light. How much easier can it get? You can get as creative as you want and even mix more complicated patterns of red, white and blue to show off your artistic skills. Maybe this could even be a project children can do at parties as it is safe as long as they get a parent to light the candle at the end.

Patriotic Lollipop Centerpiece
Memorial Day craft
Found From Glue Stick Blog

This idea is so simple and even edible! This is perfect for adults and kids alike who are sitting at the table after a delicious potluck. You can even use it as an excuse to get lazy and maybe swap it out for the dessert! Just take the extra non blue/red colors and give it to coworkers the next day or something to avoid tootsie binging (I know, it’s so tempting!).

DIY Firecracker
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Found From My Talking Walls

If you are a bit more handy when it comes to crafts and have the extra tools around your shed, this is definitely a contender as it is pretty sweet looking and will last for years to come. The idea is just really original and I could see it in any style home from country to modern.

Table Top Decoration
Memorial Day DIY
Found From Staying Close to Home

Just like the rice DIY idea, this one is great if you are looking to impress even with a tight budget. It has the same patriotic theme but instead of using rice, you are going to use beans. Since there is a separate glass container within the design, you get more control over where you want the placement of the light to be. You can have it super low or bright with the flame out in the open.

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Found From Flikr

If you really plan on saving lots of money, then fit even more holiday decorations into one! Just grab some of your white/silver, blue, and red ornaments from Christmas time and fill up a vase with them. Seriously, that’s it!

Garden DIY
Memorial Day DIY
Found From Home Talk

Chances are you have easy access to some red and white flowers; you are already on the right track in this case. Just go to your nearest Home Depot or even Walmart and grab some flowers and pair them with a white or blue pot. To really sell the idea, grab some little American flags. You should be able to find some for under $2.

Memorial Day DIY
Found From Today’s Creative Life

There are lots of bloggers who are very generous about sharing printables with their readers and you should really get on that! All you will need for this DIY are bottles of water, scissors, glue and a printer!

Clothespin Wreath
Memorial Day DIY
Found From Preciously Paired

There is a chance you might not even have to buy anything at all for this one. Clothespins are pretty common so if you have some laying around just go ahead and paint them and then use an old wreath frame. There are lot of neat personal touches that can be added to this one. It’s really a great DIY idea for the whole family as it is safe to do and easy to understand.

Lawn Stars
Memorial Day DIY
Found From The Concrete Cottage

Looking for something to do outdoors? Show off to your neighbors your patriotism! Heck, get your kids out there helping as they’d probably love to have some play time in the grass with paint. How often do they get a chance to do something like this?

Mason Jars
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Found From Maison De pax

If you are looking to really impress and show off how stylish you are, this is great for show and tell with other adults. They’ll really be wowed by your craftiness and ability to decorate on a budget. If you want to step it up a notch, just use real flowers.

Paper Tassel Garland
Memorial Day DIY
Found From Landee See Landee Do

Want something a little out of the way of the chaos? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This craft is great for decorating walls and fireplaces; just make sure to hang them high enough so that they are out of reach of curious children!

There are so many creative ways to decorate your home for patriotic holidays on a budget. These decorations (minus the edibles) can be used year after year and for more than just one holiday! There is no reason you can’t afford to spruce up your home when it’s time to celebrate the important things in life. What do you like to do to prepare your home for Memorial Day? Let me know in the comments!

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