11 Fourth of July Craft DIYs That Everyone Will Love

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These 11 Patriotic Fourth of July DIYs are THE BEST!

The Fourth of July will be here before we know it, and that means incredible DIY Fourth of July crafts! It can be a bit overwhelming to plan out all of the food and activities for the family and friends get together. There are so many awesome things to do, but how do we keep it simple while making the holiday a memorable time for everyone?

From my personal experience, DIYs are one of the best ways to bond with others. You have a common goal and even if some people don’t have a knack for it, they’ll have tons of fun! Check out these patriotic DIYs for the holidays that you can either complete on your own before the big event or with friends as one of the activities!

DIY Lanterns
These easy DIY lanterns are totally AWESOME! They're cute and very, very easy to make!
Found From Thrifty Decor Chick

I love that this craft has a candle effect to it! I’m a sucker for anything related to candle glow.

Patriotic String Lights

patriotic string lights

Found from eHow

This DIY is super smart since tons of people have string lights hanging around in their garage. Why not use those lights more than once a year?

Rice Crispy Treats
These patriotic rice crispy treats looks DELICIOUS! I am so going to make these!
Found From Claire Body

Rice crispy treats are seriously one of my fondest childhood memories. I love how I can now share them with everyone without feeling like a weirdo!

Uncle Sam Centerpiece
This patriotic Uncle Sam centerpiece is so AWESOME! I will definitely use this year after year!
Found From Crafts Unleashed

This one is super cool and I feel like it would look great even off a table on someone’s porch.

This Fourth of July tiara DIY is so CUTE! I love how easy it is to make too!
Found From Our Everyday Art

This is by far the easiest DIY here. All you need is one thing and bam, you’re done!

Wine Bottle July Crafts
Wine Bottle Decor is one of the cutest and easiest DIYs you can do. Find out more about it!
Found From Our Secret Crafts

If you are a lover of paint, then check this one out! As a bonus, it’s always great to reuse old things you would have usually thrown away.

Patriotic Dipped Pretzels

red white and blue patriotic dipped pretzels

Found From The 36th Avenue

This is likely a DIY that will only last an hour. Look at those tasty pretzels!

Painted Fireworks
This painted fireworks DIY is so SIMPLE and cheap to make for those on a budget!
Found From Happiness is Homemade

I will never see a toilet paper roll the same way after this DIY. So many possibilities!

American Flag Lanterns
This American flag DIY lantern is so easy and cheap to do! I love it!
Found From Mod Podge Rocks

That glow! If you plan on having people over late into the night, check these out! Total mood setter!

Patriotic Sun Catcher
These patriotic suncatchers are so easy and cute! Great for kids!
Found From A Little Pinch of Perfect

I think this one will be a favorite for kids because it’s easy and they’ll love the effect!

Jar Candle DIY
This easy jar candle craft is so CUTE and simple to make! You gotta try it out!
Found From Fantastic Fun and Learning

If you’re a sticker junkie, then this will be your favorite craft on the list. It is so simple, but adds so much needed bling to a room!

What is so great about these DIY Fourth of July crafts is that many of them you can use year after year. They save so much time and money and will never look outdated as they ooze charm and cuteness! Which one is your favorite?

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