10 DIY Farmhouse Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Kitchen

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10 DIY Coffee Bars You Gotta Try

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Kitchen

When you drink coffee daily it’s nice to have a dedicated space to organize your coffee supplies. With the sink being close by, the kitchen is the perfect place to make your coffee and conveniently be able to hang your mugs up afterward.

Have a small kitchen? No problem! Plenty of these farmhouse coffee bar ideas work well in small spaces, particularly the vertical bars. Get ready for some serious rustic eye candy and enjoy these adorable farmhouse coffee bars.

Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Bar With Chalkboard Art

10 Easy Farmhouse Coffee Bar Ideas
Found From Live Simply

If you are the type of person who tends to forget you made coffee about 2 seconds after its finished, you’ll love this microwave idea. Although reheated coffee is never as good, it’s better than cold!

Portable Rolling Farmhouse Coffee Cart

Farmhouse Coffee Bar Cart DIY
Found From REMODELaholic

Be sure to get the farmhouse coffee bar plans for this beauty from Remodelaholic. Find the link under the photo.

Three-Tier Farmhouse Coffee Organizer

Three-Tier Farmhouse Coffee Bar Organizer
Found From A Shade of Teal

Short on space or want something that can fit on your dining table? Try working your way up with a three-tiered coffee setup.

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Bar Table With Chalkboard

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Bar
Found From Gray House Studio

Coffee works incredibly well with the farmhouse look so if this is the style you are going for, I highly recommend checking out the tutorial from Gray House Studio.

IKEA Coffee Cart

IKEA Coffee Bar Cart DIY
Found From Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style

If you want your coffee cart to work as a multi-drink station then keep it simple with a Keurig on top, some mixers in the middle, and alcohol on the bottom.

Want more IKEA kitchen ideas? Check out these cheap IKEA kitchen island hacks.

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Bar Shelf

Farmhouse Coffee Bar Shelf DIY
Found From Try Everything

I’ve always found floating shelves not only stylish but great for small spaces. They aren’t bulky and can actually hold a lot.

Keurig Wood Coffee Cart

Farmhouse Industrial Coffee Cart
Found From Farm Fresh

This farmhouse coffee cart is perfect for those looking to make their home have a soft but modern and industrial sort of look.

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Bar With Hooks

Hanging Mugs Coffee Bar
Found From Jen Wood House

Add some metallic elements to your cart to give it that classy bistro look.

DIY Wood Coffee Mug Organizer

DIY Coffee Mug Shelving
Found From Our Home Made Easy

If you’ve run out of space in your kitchen cabinets and all you need is somewhere to store your mugs, consider building specialty shelving.

Easy Farmhouse Coffee Station

Easy DIY Coffee Bar
Found From Instagram

Just want space for your Keurig and cups for when you’re in a rush to go to work? Simply create a clean space with light decor.

I am totally digging the tree stump look on this coffee station!

Coffee tends to be a ritual for a lot of us. Whether you like an on the go option or prefer to take it slow with a french press or moka pot, something that you do every day should be appealing. I hope you enjoyed these coffee stations; I can’t wait to get started on mine!

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