10 Pastel Colored Lingerie Pieces to Add to Your Collection

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10 romantic pastel lingerie ideas

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A long, long time ago I was pretty addicted to matching black undergarments but then I realized the world had a thing called color, and heck, I liked it! Gothic teenage phase aside, color is awesome and there are pastels are seriously underdone these days. Pastel colors can be super flattering for your skin tone and they add a certain element of femininity! Check out these 12 pastel lingerie pieces and have fun!

Lavender & Pink Lace
This soft colored pastel lingerie is so CUTE it hurts! I need this in my life!
Found From Petite Cherry

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all just walk around like this with a cute umbrella and not get sunburn?

Soft Cream
This soft cream bra and underwear set is so dreamy! I've always preferred soft colors; they're so romantic!
Found From Petite Cherry

This cream colored set is so lovely. The neutrality of the colors make it so simple and inviting.

This bralette is super duper ADORABLE!
Found From Mod Cloth   |  New to Mod Cloth? Use my special link for 20% off your first order at no cost to you! : )

I love how this can be worn on lazy days around the house. Who says you can’t look cute cleaning?

Baby Blue & Cream Lace
This blue and peach silk lace bralette is so dream looking. I'm in love!
Found From Ashley Summer

Pastel blues and lavenders are just so dreamy and fairy tale like to me!

Lacey Blue
The lace detail on this pastel blue bralette is AMAZING!
Found From Store Envy

I love the lace design on this, but how do you clean it without ripping the fabric?

Pastel Marble
This pastel marble bralette and underwear is too cute!
Found From Amazon

I remember seeing this at Victoria’s Secret a while back. I really should have jumped on this!

Neon Pastel Peach
I love this pastel neon peach colored bralette! Amazing!
Found From Amazon

This color is perfect for those hot summer months when a regular bra is just too hot!

White Lace
I love this white lace! This white and lavender pastel bra has one of my favorite color combinations. The corset lacing is really neat too. What a delightful and unusual bra!
Found From Petite Cherry

I love how this one has a thicker band so if you have any problem areas you’d like to hide, this might work really well for you!

French & Japanese Lingerie
This Japanese and French influenced lingerie is off the charts cute!
Found From Petite Cherry

I have never heard of Japanese and French lingerie combining before, but it looks really great, non?

This smooth push-up pastel demi bra is CUTE and can be worn everyday! Awesome!<3
Found From Petite Cherry

This one is probably the most practical on the list. If you are in need of a cute everyday bra, this is a great option!

I am pretty sure most girls just absolutely adore cute lingerie. It doesn’t even have to be meant to show to someone else. Just knowing you look cute is enough a lot of the time! Where do you like to buy your lingerie? Let me know in the comments!

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