12 Super Easy Habits For Weight Loss to Start This Month

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You don’t have to wait to gain from the benefits of weight loss.  Read on for some simple practices that really pay off.  You can start adopting these 12 easy habits for weight loss right away.  For more good habits, check out these life-changing tricks to help you be more productive. Also, get inspired with these bullet journal ideas to help you keep your weight loss on track!

easy habits for weight loss

Losing weight can be pretty difficult, especially if you live in a culture that revolves heavily around food! The good news is that there is no need to starve yourself in order to lose weight. There are plenty of other easy options to get you started! All food can be great if it is prepared correctly. We may even find new hobbies along our weight loss journey!  The best thing about this list is that all of the items mentioned are easy habits for weight loss that anyone can incorporate into their routine.

Drinking More Water

Easy habits for weight loss are sometimes, just good habits in general. Not only does drinking extra water help you stay full for longer, it helps with digestion. It is super important to drink plenty of water each day so that you body can properly process the food you eat. To get an idea of how much water you require a day, click this link and enter your stats into the calculator.

Use Smaller Plates

There is some psychology behind this idea that will help you feel more satisfied when you eat. If you use smaller plates mealtime, then it makes you feel like you are getting more while you eat less. It becomes a problem when people get these enormous plates. Although they’ve added way more food than they need to it, they still feel like they aren’t getting enough!

Eat at the Same Times Every Day

If you eat at the same time every day, you will condition yourself to be hungry at those times and it is less likely you will go crazy on snacks. I personally don’t snack, but I do get hungry in between meals if I don’t have a schedule for eating. So if you have trouble holding out between meals, try to train your body. After eating sporadically for a long period of time, you have to win your body’s trust back.  This is one of those easy habits for weight loss that may take some time, but once your routine clicks it’s very helpful.

Only Use Ingredients You Know

From my experience, I have the best weight loss results when I stick primarily to whole foods that I am familiar with. Not only does it help me track my calories more accurately, it gives me less stress knowing that I am doing something good for my body. This leads us to the next tip, stress reduction.

Stress Less

Keeping calm can work wonders for your body! Whenever you let yourself get all worked up, you increase your cortisol. When your body releases cortisol, fat gain can increase as you experience a stress/survival response. Make sure to take some time out to do some yoga or have a nice warm bubble bath to calm down.

Take The Stairs

If there is an opportunity to take the stairs, go for it. It doesn’t take that much longer (sometimes you even beat the elevator users) and it is a great workout for your legs! The burned calories add up over time and your body will thank you.

Avoid Asking People to Hand You Items

At the end of the day while sitting on the couch it can be pretty tempting to ask your partner to do little things for you like fetching a glass of water or handing your the remote control. Go ahead and give your partner a break and just get it yourself. This will get you into the habit of regularly getting items for yourself and the calories will stack up.

Clean More Often

This is one of my favorite tips because there are so many benefits to it! While I understand that cleaning can sound awful to a lot of people, it can actually help by keeping you calm, burning extra calories, and giving you a nice distraction. By having a clean home, you end up reducing a lot of your stress and since cleaning isn’t too difficult, you can space out or listen to a little music while doing it.

Keep a Single Treat in Your Kitchen

Having a single treat in your kitchen is the tip that will keep you sane if you like to have something special to munch on every so often. It gets rid of temptation when you go out because you know you have something nice at home waiting for you, but it also keeps in check how much you treat yourself because there is just one thing available.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

This seems to be an area that gets a lot of people. Having a good ‘ol Starbucks in the morning seems necessary to a lot of the hardworking people out there but the way it hurts our body is no treat for us! So instead of drinking syrup water, try maybe carbonating your water and then adding some fresh fruits. Trust me, it’s so delicious and you’ll feel WAY better. To do this, all you need is a water carbonator like the Soda Stream and you have unlimited carbonated beverages!

Avoid Processed Foods

Taking unhealthy processed foods out of my diet has been one of the biggest factors in my weight loss. Remember, not all calories are created equal!

Prioritize Protein

Certain macros require more energy to process in your body. With protein needing the most energy, you burn the most trying to digest it.

All of these tips on easy habits for weight loss can be slowly incorporated into your daily routine. No need to rush or get stressed out about it because everyone starts somewhere. The fact that you have taken an interest in improving your health is already a huge step! If you have any tips of your own, go ahead leave them in the comments!


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