10 Gorgeous Feature Walls to Get Obsessed With

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feature walls

Although it is nice to invest in stylish furniture, sometimes it can really pay off to keep it simple with the furniture and play up the walls instead. Not only will it make a huge statement, it will be a lot easier to clean your home because there will be less stuff. If you like the sound of this, then take a minute to check out these totally awesome feature walls and get inspired.

Stunning Ideas for Feature Walls

Mint & Beige

This mint and beige copper wall is TO DIE FOR! It's so interesting to look at and the natural light from outside really plays it up.
Found From Contemporist

I am totally digging the gorgeous mint colored wall paired with a soft beige/gold. It’s to die for!

This mint and beige copper wall is TO DIE FOR! It's so interesting to look at and the natural light from outside really plays it up.
Found From Contemporist

The light coming from outside plays so perfectly along this patterned wall!

Blue Tile

These blue tiles do an AMAZING job at making this bathroom work. It adds a pop of color to keep everything from being to white and plain.
Found From Apartment Therapy

If you are looking to update your shower room but want to make the biggest impact, then do a featured wall like this first! It will change everything!

Blue Calico

This metallic marble wallpaper is super cool if you want to go for a modern look. I love the texture it adds to the space!
Found From Design Milk

Gold pairs so heavenly with so many colors. It can be done in an old fashioned way or a modern marble way like this.

Marble & Glitter Mural Wallpaper

This marble and glitter geometric wall mural is THE BEST! It is so cute and adds so much movement and light to the room!
Found From Murals Wallpaper

If you want to really make a BIG and artistic impression, then try adding a dramatic line with bold colors.

Bright & Happy

This yellow adds so my light and cheer to the room! If you are afraid of overdoing it, just pick one wall and you have completely transformed the look of your room.
Found From BHG

While yellow isn’t for everyone, if you think you can handle it, consider something like this. It is an uplifting and funky way to get people to remember your home!

Little Girl’s Bedroom

This wall is such a stylish solution for decorating a little girl's bedroom. This would totally work in a craft room as well. Oh, the possibilities!
Found From Domino

This wall is exactly what I love to wear! For years I used to have so many shirts and scarves just like this wallpaper and I am really missing it right now!

White Geometric

I never knew a neutral room could look so good! The attention to detail here between the colors and the textures is brilliant!
Found From Maison Dumonde

Who says white is boring? The use of textures and subtle colors really makes this work so lovely.

Exposed Brick Room Divider

Brick is such an easy way to spruce up a room and add interest to an otherwise boring wall. Sometimes if you're lucky, you have already got some brick hiding in your walls waiting for you to discover it!
Found From House of Turquoise
This exposed brick archway is so STUNNING! Combined with the white and sea foam colors...I just can't handle the awesome!
Found From House of Turquoise

If you are one of those people who are absolutely obsessed with exposed brick, then I know how you’re feeling right now. This is… such eye candy!

White Texture

The pure simplicity of this room makes me feel so much at ease. I wish my home looked like this!
Found From House of Turquoise

This room has such a nice clean and structured look to it.

Old Fashioned

The clean simple colors in this bathroom goes so well with the brightly colored yet clean looking wallpaper. I'm totally digging it!
Found From The Effortless Chic

Want something a bit more laid back and old fashioned but modern at the same time? Try some animal wallpaper to kick back the years a little then add some modern fixtures and you’re all set!

Feature walls make such a huge statement! Sometimes I get so stuck wondering what type of color I should be using for my home, but then I remember that there are so many more interesting ways to decorate a wall. What’s your favorite way to spruce up your walls? ┬áIf you’re thinking about a bathroom makeover, have a look at these beauties.

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