10 Best Alternative Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Stand Out

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Alternative Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas That'll Make Your Home Unique

If you have a very specific style, it can be difficult to find a home that feels ‘you’. Homes are staged to appeal to the masses, and that means neutral tones (aka BLAH colors). Painting cabinets is pretty inexpensive compared to most renovation projects and there are lots of alternative kitchen cabinet colors to choose from. So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect inspiration, take a look at these beautiful kitchen cabinet color ideas.

1. Blue

Valspar Fish Tale Paint on Kitchen Cabinets in Mid Century Modern Home
Source: Apartment Therapy

I’ve always been obsessed with blue/green kitchen cabinets and love how well it works in this mid-century modern home. Since the color is bright, the designer smartly balances it out with wood uppers for warmth and white counter tops for contrast.

2. Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange Kitchen Cabinets
Source: House Beautiful

If orange is your favorite color, you would think you’d be out of luck when it comes to design. There are ways to incorporate this beautiful color into your kitchen by keeping patterns to a minimum and pairing with neutral wood tones.

3. Yellow

Yellow Kitchen Island Paint Idea
Source: Chairma

Yellow is in the same situation as orange and has the tendency to overshadow other aspects of your design. Try using your yellow paint only on one section (like your kitchen island) to create a statement piece.

Accents of yellow can also be added to other parts of the room to create cohesiveness. Heads up though, colors have a fair amount of influence on humans psychologically and too much yellow can cause aggression in some people.

4. Aubergine

Aubergine Purple Kitchen Cabinet Paint Ideas
Source: Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

In case you’re going for a look that’s as unique as possible, purple is one of the least used for kitchen cabinets. I have to say it looks stunning though!

5. Dark Grey Green

Dark Green Kitchen Cabinet Paint Idea
Source: Remodelista

Unorthodox colors in your kitchen doesn’t mean it has to be loud. This dark grey green paint color gives this space interest without overshadowing the little details of the design. There are a lot of great textures in this kitchen from the wood grain, metallic light fixtures, marble counters, and matte cabinets.

6. Lush Green

Deep Lush Green Kitchen Cabinet Idea
Source: Devol Kitchens

If you prefer richer colors, this is an example of a lush green that by no means overwhelms the rest of the kitchen. Gold hardware makes for a beautiful contrast and the warm rich wood tones make this space cozy and livable.

7. Black

Black Kitchen Cabinets
Source: Remodelista

Experimenting with black can be very rewarding if done right. An otherwise very industrial looking kitchen is warmed up with wood trimming and floating shelves. The decorative flowers bring some life into the space as well.

8. Gray

Gray Kitchen Cabinet Paint Idea
Source: House and Home

Gray can look anything but boring when paired with the right accents and patterns. This kitchen keeps things pretty and bright by using two toned cabinets with pops of gold hardware.

9. Smoky Green

Newburg Green Kitchen Cabinets | Smoky Green Paint
Photo by Lucy Pope/Alamy
Source: Benjamin Moore

Smoky greens look great with so may different styles. Whether you like the farmhouse style or industrial look, you won’t have any trouble pairing this color with your other design elements.

10. Dark Rose

Dark Red Rose Kitchen Cabinet Paint Idea
Source: Apartment Therapy

Reds can really bring some energy into your kitchen and look great with wood accents. This kitchen totally nails it with its rose undertones and clean subway tile backslash.

If you’re looking to experiment with color in your kitchen but are afraid of guests’ reactions, I say go for it! There are so many of the same boring kitchen out there and the kitchen is meant to be a fun place for you to get creative.

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