21 Genius Fall Party Ideas Everyone Will Go Nuts Over

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These Fall Party Ideas Are AMAZING! Everything is so cute and I love how it's also for adults and not just children, FINALLY!

Fall is such a wonderful time for people to get together and enjoy some fun activities together. While it may seem difficult to pull off the perfect party, even a last minute party can be a huge success with all the awesome ideas floating around the Internet.

If you are looking for ways to put smiles on the faces of your loved ones this holiday season, consider these Fall party ideas for your next get together.

Glitter Garland

Glitter Garland DIY Party Idea
Found From Brit Co

Dress up your home with a little glitter and glam to really get the party started. Exciting bright colors such as these are so eye catching and will get your guests asking how you came across such a beautiful decor idea.

Silverware Holder

Autumn Party Candy Corn Silverware Holder
Found From Baby Mama Juice

Keep the festivities organized and running smoothly by creating a simple utensil holder. That way, you don’t have to count beforehand, just plop the forks right in the jar! Candy corn is a great way to draw the eyes toward the silverware.

Mini Popcorn Station

Mini Popcorn Cup Party Food Stations for Fall
Found From Baby Mama Juice

If you plan on having a bunch of kids at the party, it’s a good idea to keep things hygienic. Create mini popcorn cups so that everyone can get a clean serving to themselves.

Self Serve Apple Pie Moonshine

Self Serve Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe
Found From Baby Mama Juice

Get the party started with a delicious fall themed drink that guests can serve to themselves.

Lumberjack Pie

Mini Lumberjack Pies for Fall Parties
Found From Jenny Cookies

Can you even imagine how excited your guests would be to find a bunch of mini pies stacked sky high and ready to eat? All I know is that I would freak out and eat a bunch of them, so don’t invite me to your party! I’m a pig.

Painted Pumpkin Decor

Rustic White Pumpkin Fall Decor
Found From The Perfect Palette

Give your party a bit more of a classic look with some clean calligraphy and white pumpkins. If you want to turn it into a fun craft, provide supplies for everyone to make one at the party.

Rice Crispy Leaves

Fall Colored Rice Crispy Leaves Recipe
Found From Two Sisters Crafting

Create rich and colorful leaf rice crispy treats for a delicious and exciting guest experience.

Candy Corn Candle

Candy Corn Candle
Found From Dan 330

Want a budget friendly lighting tip? Grab an empty glass, fill it with candle corn and a tealight, and you’re all set.

Tootsie Pop Pumpkin Holder

DIY Pumpkin Tootsie Pop Holder
Found From Martha Stewart

This is really so neat! With how much I love tootsie pops though, we’re going to need to drill more holes!

Hot Chocolate Bar

Fall Party Hot Cocoa Drink Station
Found From By Stephanie Lynn

Hot chocolate is such a must have for cold weather! To get people’s creative juices flowing and to make the socialization a more satisfying experience, let them build their very own hot chocolate. Plus, if you get inspired as make your hot chocolate station as cute as this one, people will be talking about it FOREVER.

Pumpkin Cooler

DIY Pumpkin Beer and Cider Cooler
Found From Stylistabysc

After you’re done gutting that pumpkin for some pie (keep reading for the pumpkin pie bites DIY), make sure to use the rest of the pumpkin for cooling your guests’ drinks.

Apple Tea Lights

Apple Tea Lights Tablescape DIY
Found From Little Green Notebook

Try taking some apples and placing tea lights inside them for added ambiance.

Apple Baskets For Serving

These Fall Party Ideas Are AMAZING! Everything is so cute and I love how it's also for adults and not just children, FINALLY!
Found From CB & J

Apple baskets are so cheap to buy and add a ton of character to any home.

Pumpkin Shaped Cheeseball

Cheese Pumpkin Appetizer Recipe With Crackers
Found From The Country Cook

Now this is just too cute! I love this spin on the traditional cheese and cracker plate.

Pumpkin Pie Bites

Pumpkin Pie Bites Recipe With Whipped Cream on Top
Found From Sugar Apron

Remember those pumpkin guts I was talking about earlier? Put them to use in an adorable tray of mini pumpkin pies. It is easier for guests to grab and munch on plus it’s SO CUTE.

Rustic Cheese & Fruit Tray

Rustic Cheese and Fruit Tray Recipe for Fall Entertaining
Found From Seven Layer Charlotte

If you’re the type that prefers to host a more sophisticated and stylish party, this fruit and cheese plate will definitely be useful to you as inspiration.

Apple Pie Jello Shots

Apple Pie Party Jello Shots Recipe
Found From Ann’s Entitled Life

Want your party to be fun and maybe a little crazy? Stay in theme with some apple pie jello shots.

Caramel Apple Bar

Caramel Apple Food Bar for Fall Parties
Found From Bridal Guide

Just like hot chocolate, caramel apples are a ton of fun to personalize.

Caramel Apple Pop Food Station for Fall Parties
Found From Craftberry Bush

These two difference caramel apple bar setups are great for inspiration!

Cool Toned Centerpieces

White and Cool Toned Fall Tablescape DIY
Found From Craftberry Bush

If you were wondering how to decorate around that fruit and cheese plate you saw earlier, this is for you. This is such a classy and beautiful theme to be inspired by.

DIY Pumpkin Gift Bags

DIY Pumpkin Gift Bags and Party Favors
Found From Glued to my Crafts

If you are looking to send your guests home with some treats, consider making a simple pumpkin gift bag. It’s not too expensive!

There are lots of clever ways to dress up your Fall party without making it too ‘kiddy’. What’s your favorite way to throw an adult Fall party? Let me know in the comments!

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