8 Energizing Diffuser Recipes You Need in Your Morning Routine (With Printable)

If you’ve been on the hunt for new ways to get some pep in your step during early mornings, you aren’t alone. Coffee can only get us so far, especially if you’re one of those people who get sleepy from too much caffeine (yes, they exist)!  To help, I have 8 diffuser recipes that are designed to energize you.

Morning Routine With Essential Oils diffuser recipes

Energizing Diffuser Recipes

Getting enough sleep and having good night time habits definitely help but I personally have found tremendous success with incorporating essential oils into my morning routine. If you’re one of those people who love natural remedies, then you’re going to totally dig these recipes. So, let’s get started!

Step One: A Diffuser

GuruNanda Diffuser

If you’re new to essential oils and diffusing, then you are definitely in for a treat! Using essential oils has been such a game changer for my daily routines.

Working at home can really make you feel tired because you may not take the right steps to stay energized. The absence of social interaction combined with a lack of stimulation surely makes the days blend together.

Lately, I have been using this Bluetooth diffuser by GuruNanda and it works so wonderfully! What makes this diffuser unique is that you can connect it to your phone and then use it as a speaker.  I love that because I can play upbeat music to go with my wake up routine.

I personally like to turn it on while I get ready for the day and while I am working. Once I’m ready for a little break, I take this with me outside to listen to some podcasts and unwind a little.

Step 2: Pick Your Recipe!

Pep in Your Step

orange essential oil – 3 drops
bergamot essential oil – 1 drops
grapefruit essential oil – 1 drops
rosemary essential oil – 1 drops

Good Morning

grapefruit essential oil – 3 drops
frankincense essential oil – 2 drops
white fir essential oil – 2 drops

Power Up

lemon essential oil – 3 drops
basil essential oil – 2 drops
rosemary essential oil – 1 drops

Waking up Fresh

wintergreen essential oil – 3 drops
peppermint essential oil – 3 drops

Eye Opener

grapefruit essential oil – 3 drops
lime essential oil – 2 drops
tangerine essential oil – 2 drops
spearmint essential oil – 2 drops

Get Goin’

lime essential oil – 2 drops
orange essential oil – 2 drops
black pepper essential oil – 2 drops
frankincense essential oil – 2 drops

Eye on the Prize

pine essential oil – 2 drops
black pepper essential oil – 2 drops
grapefruit essential oil – 2 drops

Ready to Go

spearmint essential oil – 2 drops
lemongrass essential oil – 2 drops
thyme essential oil – 2 drops

If you’d like these recipes in a printable format, then I’ve got you covered. : ) Begin by clicking the link below to download the PDF. If you just need an image, then you can also save the image after clicking on it.

8 Morning Diffuser Recipes That’ll Give You Energy

I hope you enjoyed these fun morning diffuser recipes! A big thank you and shout out to GuruNanda for providing me with their Bluetooth diffuser as well as samples of their essential oils, Pine Needle and Grapefruit. I highly recommend checking out their website for some great recipes and information. Time to go get energized!

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